Lady Gaga Is Allegedly Furious About A Planned Biopic Of Her Life

by (@kat_george)

It turns out Lady Gaga isn’t quite the exhibitionist you think she is. Sure, she’ll expose herself in the name of her art, but it so happens that the avant-pop star is a little more reserved when it comes to her private life. Life & Style has reported that Mother Monster is livid about plans to turn her life into a movie, and according to an “insider,” “She’s furious… She’s cringing at the thought of her life being exposed on television.” The “insider” says that Gaga is angry about the proposed biopic because she “It will portray her as insecure and needy… [Lady Gaga] wants to be seen as powerful and strong.” Apparently the movie is called Fame Monster: The Lady Gaga Story and according to the “insider,” “They want a total unknown” to play the role of Gaga. Liftime bought the rights to the movie, but apparently they’re currently being shopped elsewhere — although we can’t really see the point in a revealing movie about Gaga’s life that’s not endorsed by Gaga herself. For starters, such a production is likely to be more fiction than fact without Lady Gaga’s actual experience driving the narrative and relying on what we assume would be second hand information for the story.

Lady Gaga: The Movie She Wants No One to See [Life & Style]

[Photo: Getty Images]

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