Katy Perry Means Business As A Solider In The Teaser Trailer For Her “Part Of Me” Video

by (@kat_george)

Katy Perry means business in the trailer for her new video for “Part Of Me”. Dressed in camouflage, Perry makes a formidable looking soldier, and there’s none of that “California Gurls” sugary sweet sex appeal that you’d expect from Perry. Instead, it’s all drills, helicopters and army objectives. It’s hard to tell exactly what the story could be from the video, but it looks pretty darn serious. We’re thinking there’s going to be some serious physical hardship in this video, and hopefully at least one explosion. There’s definitely guns and some fighting, but what we love most is Katy’s unmistakable blue eyes at the end of the teaser, staring out of her camo-painted face with a look of defiance and power. The full video drops next week on March 21st, so be sure to check back to see how the “Part Of Me” story unfolds, in the meantime, play the trailer on repeat and check out the cinematic promotional poster below!

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