Deadmau5 Hates “Big Name” Collaborations And Won’t “Have Some F**king Dipsh*t Blab About Lookin Sexy” On His Songs

by (@kat_george)

It looks like it’s Deadmau5 vs. Everyone after the DJ went on a vitriolic rant on his Tumblr today. The helmeted electronic producer wrote, “[sic] All to often, there’s an influx of “big names” that would get thrown around the label from time to time and of course, they fly off the table and out the f**kin door faster than they hit my desk. eg. do you want to do a track with big name X, remix huge pop act y, etc etc. no. i f**king don’t. i really REALLY don’t.” The daggers really start flying the more worked up Deadmau5 seems to get with his written rant, going so far as to say, “The last thing i want to do… is take the meanings and feelings of a piece of music and have some f**king dipsh*t blab about lookin sexy, poppin bottles, “droppin bass”, or ANYTHING club related. which fortunately for the world *rolls eyes* makes up for 99% of the “electronic music” fad that’s apparently considered mainstream now.”

Yikes. We can’t help but feel like there’s some sort of direct stab at David Guetta here, given his propensity for high profile collaborations. But then there also seems to be a dig at LMFAO, Taio Cruz and Nicki Minaj as he ends the rant by stating, “The moral of the story is here, is that this is what songwritting should be about. Music is meant to provoke feeling and thought. So if we were to go by popular music, we should all be thinking how sexy we are and we know it, or how our hands should be contstantly up in the air… or maybe we should drop that bass because its too f**king heavy to lift or whatever the f**king problem with bass is these days.” It’s quite an impassioned rant — and a little bit rich coming from someone who was part of that very confusing Foo Fighters, Guetta, Lil Wayne, Chris Brown Grammys mash up.

Deadmau5 [Tumblr]

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