Lana Del Rey Fornicates With A Crocodile In Her Controversial “Blue Jeans” Video

by (@kat_george)

Poor Lana Del Rey; she’s yet to make it through one of her videos alive. In the video for her track “Blue Jeans” video, Lana meets the same plight as in her “Born To Die” video: Death. And this time, like last time, it’s all the fault of her heavily tattooed boyfriend. With a cinematic Noir aesthetic, Lana moves in and out of shadow in a black and white rendering, except she is not the dangerous femme fatale of the Noir genre; she is not preying but being preyed upon.

The clip is racy, with lots of phallic imagery and not so subtle innuendo (tattoo guy sticking his fingers in her almost lifeless lips is pretty creepy, and is only made creepier in the next scene where his elongated body penetrates the still water of a pool, the splashes creating some pretty suggestive imagery), and climaxes with, well, Lana’s climax. As she cavorts in the shadowy swimming pool with tattoo boyfriend, he turns mystically into a crocodile, upon which metamorphosis there’s some awkward bestiality and finally Lana’s petite mort. Is Lana’s constantly dying for love and sex an acceptable motif? What do you think? Let us know in the comments section below!

Watch Lana Del Rey’s “Blue Jeans” video here.

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