Madonna On Twitter: Invites Justin Bieber On Tour, Makes Up With Deadmau5


Madonna joined Twitter using the handle @MadonnaMDNAday for one day only yesterday to promote her new album MDNA, and it could not have been a more fruitfull stunt.

Not only did Madonna manage to cool Deadmau5‘s anger for what he saw as encouraging drug use, she may have booked an opening act for her upcoming tour. When asked by a fan for her opinion on Justin Bieber, Madge responded: “He’s awesome. I’m a huge fan. I love it when he raps.” The Biebs, who’s bringing sexy back with his new single “Boyfriend” (let’s call him JB), responded to Madonna as any tween sensation would: “Seeing that is a huge honor. Yours is a career artists dream of. Congrats on the new album!” Madonna then upped the ante in the twosome’s love fest by tweeting, “Come and join me on stage when I’m on tour when we are in the same city and congrats on your new single.” Is this Madonna’s way of ensuring her popularity with the prepubescent set?

As for Deadmau5, the DJ also joined the conversation by tweeting at Madonna: “You’re a role model to 100’s of millions. You have a powerful voice, EDM could use your positive influence, not ‘molly’ talk.” To which Madonna tweeted a vintage-looking image of herself wearing Minnie Mouse ears with a thought bubble containing, “From one mouse to another. I don’t support drug use and I never have. I was referring to the song called ‘Have You Seen Molly’ written by my friend Cedric Gervais who I almost worked with on my last album …”

We’re not sure we buy Madonna’s explanation, but Deadmau5 seemed okay with it: “Fair enough, I was just voicing my concerns as I usually do. +1 respect for clearing it up personally … regardless, just be a little more aware of what you should represent at EDM events, and I’ll watch my mouth.”

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