What Album Has Sold The Most Copies In The Last 10 Years? (Hint: It’s Not Adele)

by (@unclegrambo)

Everyone knows that the years 2000-2010 were not very good for the music industry. Thanks to a perfect storm of rapid technological shifts, widespread piracy, consumer apathy, and executive ineptitude, the industry suffered through a slump that nearly killed off the entire business model. That is, until Adele came along!

We’re being slightly facetious, but Adele is credited by many as having (temporarily) saved the music business. Her landmark album, 21, just sold its 8 millionth copy here in the United States, making it the 4th most successful album to be released on these shores in the last 10 years. Care to venture any guesses as to the two artists who have sold more copies of their respective albums than her? If you find yourself either stumped or looking for validation, we’ve got the Top 10 Selling Albums of the Last 10 Years for you below.

1. Norah Jones, Come Away With Me (2002): 10,797,000 copies sold to date
2. Eminem, The Eminem Show (2002): 10,049,000
3. Usher, Confessions (2004): 9,968,000
4. Adele, 21 (2011): 8,090,000
5. 50 Cent, Get Rich Or Die Tryin’ (2003): 8,086,000
6. Evanescence, Fallen (2003): 7,619,000
7. Nickelback, All The Right Reasons (2005): 7,582,000
8. Carrie Underwood, Some Hearts (2005): 7,177,000
9. Avril Lavigne, Let Go (2002): 6,782,000
10. Taylor Swift, Fearless (2008): 6,514,000

Chart Watch Extra: Top Albums Of Last 10 Years [Yahoo Music]

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