Music Video: Young The Giant Leave Their “Apartment” In Search Of Adventure

by (@unclegrambo)

There’s a certain feeling of ominousness that runs through the California indie rockers Young The Giant‘s new video for “Apartment.” The video opens with a shot of lead singer Sameer Gadhia lying prone on the ground, leading the viewer to wonder whether he’s asleep or unconscious, as an unseen person whispers “One, two.” As the tune kicks in, we’re transported to a bedroom that feels very reminiscent of the room where Dr. Dre and Snoop Dogg spend their morning in the “Nothin’ But A G Thang” video, but on this day, there won’t be any barbeques or girls getting doused with malt liquor. Instead, Young The Giant and some nubile friends decide to take an old RV and an old VW Microbus to the beach to celebrate one of the band members’ birthdays.

Through footage shot by camera phones and an old Super 8, we ride along with this crew of fun-loving twentysomethings as they spend a day having fun, fun, fun in the warm California sun. All of the ingredients of a legendary day are present, as beers are popped and pants get dropped (thanks to an impromptu skinny dipping sesh). However, you can’t help but feel like things are going to take a left turn into the Danger Zone, thanks in part to the regret-laden lyrics and repeated cuts to the aforementioned lead singer that’s still lying on the ground, totally alone, in what looks to be the middle of the desert. What fate will become of these attractive revelers? You’ll have to watch the video, directed skillfully by Marcus Haney, to find out.

Young The Giant Apartment music video

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