Playlist: Listen To All Of The Songs Featured On Your Favorite VH1 Shows During The Month Of March


VH1's CMI Group's Playlist For March 2012

For each and every show that airs on VH1, a team of music supervisors here at the network have spent countless hours determining exactly what pieces of music best complement the footage that we have shot. This team —the CMI (Creative Music Integration) group— listen to thousands of songs each month in an attempt to figure out how best to utilize musical cues to reinforce the emotion and drama on shows like Mob Wives and Basketball Wives, so we thought it would be a cool idea to give you an inside glimpse into their world.

Each month, we’ll put together a list of all the songs that have been featured on the programs and promos that you see on VH1, which will be accompanied by two things: Specific commentary from the music supervisor as to why they selected a particular song for a particular scene in a show, as well as a Spotify playlist for you to sample these songs. Without further ado, here are all the songs that we featured on VH1 during the month of March!

(Listen to the playlist on Spotify)


  • Say Hi‘s “Devils” is featured in Episode #208

  • Pauline‘s “Dancin” is featured in Episode #208
  • Gotye‘s “Smoke and Mirrors” & “Giving Me A Chance” are featured in Episode #208
  • Mayer Hawthorne‘s “Stick Around” is featured in Episode #208
  • Nabiha‘s “Can’t Do Anything” is featured in Episode #209
  • The London Souls‘ “Stand Up” is featured in Episode #209
  • Mayer Hawthorne’s “A Long Time” is featured in Episode #209
  • Gary Clark Jr.‘s “Don’t Owe You A Thang” is featured in Episode #209
  • Amos Lee‘s “Jesus” is featured in Episode #210
  • City and Colour‘s “Hope For Now” is featured in Episode #210: The melancholic vocals from Canadian Dallas Green, aka City and Colour, capture the emotions between Ramona and her daughter after they visit Ramona’s boyfriend in jail. Saying goodbye to the father figure in her life proves to be tough as she’s reminded that he won’t be around every day like he used to be. After Green sings “how can I instill so much hope but be left with none of my own” we hear Ramona relate her daughter’s current situation with her visits to her grandfather.— Isaac, CMI Music Supervisor

  • Katie Herzig‘s “Lost and Found” is featured in Episode #210: Music from Mob Wives favorite, Katie Herzig, makes another appearance at the end of this season’s tenth episode. Joe, Carla’s ex husband, finally leaves the halfway house and sees his kids for the first time. “Lost and Found” plays as he walks up to Carla’s house and the song’s anthemic chorus builds when he enters the house and his son jumps into his arms.— Isaac, CMI Music Supervisor

  • Gary Clark Jr.’s “Times Are Changin'” is featured in Episode #211 (READ MORE)
  • Katie Herzig’s “The Waking Sleep” is featured in Episode #211


  • Gotye’s “Easy Way Out” is featured in Episode #403

  • Robin Thicke‘s “Angel on Each Arm” is featured in Episode #403
    Jessica Sutta‘s “Show Me” is featured in Episode #404

  • Kidz in the Hall‘s “Occasion” is featured in Episode #404
  • Santigold‘s “Big Mouth” is featured in Episode #405: Santigold’s “Big Mouth” as all of the cast members descend on Shaunie’s birthday dinner. Even as Jennifer assures us there shouldn’t be any drama here, we’re well aware of the explosive cast of characters at the table. The song’s percussion helps the inevitable tension build.—Isaac, CMI Music Supervisor

  • Rebecca Ferguson‘s Nothing’s Real But Love” is featured in Episode #405: We learned a lot about Kesha in episode 405, including the struggles she faced growing up as a bi-racial child, and how she leaned on family to get through it. We wanted to find a song that conveyed these deep emotions, and felt Rebecca Ferguson’s “Nothing’s Real But Love” did just that – “But then the door gets slammed, slammed right in my face / And I guess this world’s not always good / And nothing’s real but love / Nothing’s real but love…”.— Tracey, CMI Coordinator
  • Troy Noka‘s “Dreamer” is featured in Episode #405
  • Graffiti6‘s “Calm The Storm” is featured in Episode #406: Jennifer has a whole new “drama-free” outlook on life this season. We thought VH1’s You Oughta Know artist Graffiti 6 “Calm The Storm” helped create the perfect atmosphere for her and Suzie’s get together.—Tracey, Creative Music Integration Coordinator
  • VV Brown‘s “Tough Like Glue” is featured in Episode #406


  • Katie Herzig’s “Free My Mind” in Episode #101: This scene was for Mischa Barton’s big reveal at NY Fashion Week. She had to “free her mind” to embrace the new look, and the lyrics in this Katie Herzig song perfectly described Mischa’s emotion and excitement for getting back in front of the cameras again.—Paul, CMI Coordinator

  • Katie Herzig’s “Free My Mind” is featured in Episode #101
  • Tatiana Owens‘ “Love War” is featured in Episode #102


  • Say It Twice’s “The Road You Know is featured in Episode #101: I’ve been trying to get Say It Twice a featured placement for the last couple years because their music is so spot-on for VH1, and I was thrilled they got the opportunity to be in the supertrailer and first episode. “The Road You Know” is a driving, building, emotional track that narrates the “road” ahead for these couples and the lengths they’ll go to for each other. – Paul, Creative Music Integration Coordinator

  • Say It Twice’s “The Road You Know” is featured in Episode #101
  • The Blue Pages‘ “Keep Me Dreaming” in featured in Episode #102


  • Alex Goose & Jake Troth‘s “Material Things” is the theme song for HOC: House of Consignment is centered around Cori McFadden, who runs a successful luxury online consignment business, e-Drop Off. Cori’s business is unique because she buys and sells only high quality designer items. Alex Goose and Jake Troth’s song “Material Things” was the perfect fit for the opening theme. Lyrics like “Oh the happiness these materials bring/Cha-ching!” give a funny nod toward the work Cori does which is very rooted in the material world of fashion. “Material Things” also has a catchy and upbeat sound complete with cheerful whistling, that felt very “spring” which was fitting for its spring time premiere.—Lacey, CMI Assistant

  • Kimberly Nichole‘s “Little Girl New” is featured in Episode #102
  • Arama Mara‘s “Up Ahead” is featured in Episode #103


  • Deluka‘s “OMFG” is the theme for 40 Greatest Feuds 3

Remember, you can listen to all these songs on Spotify by subscribing to the following playlist: VH1 Shows Playlist: March 2012

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