Dope Tracks: The Top 25 Songs About Weed

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Today may indeed be Earth Day, but the date 4/20 means something else entirely to people who are proud owners of medical marijuana prescriptions (and maybe a few of you lawbreakers out there, too). April 20 is an unofficial national holiday for weed enthusiasts, and since we know that a few of you out there partake in the occasional puff puff pass session, we thought we’d take some time to update the list we created back in 2008 of Dope Tracks: The 20 Best Songs About Weed. That list focused exclusively on the rap community’s obsession with Mary Jane, so we thought we’d branch out a bit and put together a brand new Spotify playlist for you that incorporates the sticky-ickiest songs from not just the hip-hop universe, but also from classic rock, reggae, and folk music. So, without further ado, we present to you this brand new collection we’re calling Dope Tracks: The Top 25 Songs About Weed.

We’ve got our complete guide as to why we selected these songs for you below.

1. “Hits From The Bong,” Cypress Hill — Really, we could’ve picked any song from their ouevre, but we chose this one for their ingenious sample of “Son Of A Preacher Man.”

2. “The Next Episode,” Dr. Dre featuring Snoop Dogg and Nate Dogg — Like the late Nate Dogg sings, “Hey-ey-ey-eyyyyy, smoke weed everyday.”

3. “Smokin’,” Nas — “Zoom, from outer space he comes / With a blunt in his mouth and his hand on a gun.” Nas makes a convincing case that he’s not only a superhero from another universe, but that he’ll be waiting on the other side of St. Peter’s gates with a fatty for you.

4. “The Joker,” Steve Miller Band — Some people Steve Miller the space cowboy. Others, the gangster of love. Regardless of what you call him, he wants you to know that he’s a joker, a smoker and a midnight toker. One of our fave basslines of all-time.

5. “You Don’t Know How It Feels,” Tom Petty — A lot of stoners have a tendency to forget what they’re supposed to be doing, so Petty tells them to cut to the chase: “Let’s get to the point / And roll another joint.” Being a taskmaster never sounded so sweet.

6. “Blueberry Yum Yum,” Ludacris featuring Sleepy Brown — Somewhere on the outskirts of Atlanta, Luda’s got the munchies.

7. “Crumblin’ Erb,” Outkast — Big Boi and Andre 3000 have a good plan to escape “this crazy world.” We bet you can guess what it is.

8. “Cali Dro,” Birdman & Lil Wayne — Weezy gets his dro from ‘Zona, and you best believe that when he smokes that thunda, it takes him down unda.

9. “Kaya,” Bob Marley & The Wailers — The quickest way to get irie is to listen to this song, reportedly the first to incorporate the bong smoking sounds into the audio mix.

10. “Legalize It,” Peter Tosh — If you ever need to know a bunch of nicknames for marijuana, Peter Tosh will help you.

11. “Come Downstairs And Say Hello,” Guster
12. “Time,” Pink Floyd — The jam-pop band stretched this song about lighting up while listening to Pink Floyd and watching The Wizard Of Oz to a healthy seven minutes and 18 seconds when they played it live in 2003, so we thought pairing it with an epic, live rendition of “Time” (track #4 on Dark Side) made perfect sense…

13. “Vaporize,” Broken Bells — This song never explicitly mentions marijuana, but it’s all right there in the subtext. Also, pro smokers know that the healthiest and most efficient way to toke is by using a vaporizer (or so we’ve heard).

14. “Smoke Two Joints,” Sublime — These So-Cal reggae rockers loved their weed, so much so that they added a sample from Reefer Madness to their cover of the 1983 classic by The Toyes.

15. “Pass That Dutch,” Missy Elliott
16. “Pass The Dutchie,” Musical Youth — Whether you call it a dutch or a dutchie, you pass it to the left and sail to the right.

17. “Roll Up,” Wiz Khalifa
18. “Marijuana,” Kid Cudi — When it comes to today’s highest hip-hoppers, it’s a real dogfight between Wiz and Cudi.

19. “Sweet Leaf,” Black Sabbath — They don’t call it “stoner rock” for nothing, you know; Ozzy’s love letter to bud.

20. “How High,” Method Man & Redman — When it comes to these two, the answer to the question of “How high?” is VERY.

21. “Cheeba Cheeba,” Tone-Loc
22. “Smokin Cheeba Cheeba,” George Benson — Tone-Loc sampled smooth jazz guitarist George Benson’s spacey, 1978 ode to cheeba cheeba on his 1989 debut LP.

23. “Because I Got High,” Afroman — Don’t smoke weed kids! If you need to know why, one listen to this song will tell you what can happen to you if you get high.

24. “Rainy Day Women #12 & 35,” Bob Dylan
25. “Puff The Magic Dragon,” Peter, Paul and Mary — These are the songs that your parents used to get blazed to, so what better way to end our list?

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