The Wanted Talks Gossip, Girls And Invading America

by (@fdot415)

The Wanted’s long-awaited U.S. debut finally dropped this week, and with its release came the return of the UK boy band to American soil. One of their first stops? VH1, of course, for an interview plus acoustic-style performances of rising Billboard Hot 100 single “Glad You Came” and latest release “Chasing The Sun” on our morning show Big Morning Buzz Live. We grabbed some bonus time with The Wanted, who were still hilarious and full of energy despite just flying in from London the night before and crooning all morning (do they make a special Red Bull in England?).

The guys opened up about everything from what music they’re listening to on those long, cross-continental flights —Siva Kaneswaran’s a Skrillex fan, Tom Parker has Coldplay on repeat, Nathan Sykes digs UK singer-songwriter Labrinth— to sexual advances from fans and secret guilty pleasures (Two words: Gossip Girl). The fab five even teased a forthcoming single off their US debut EP that features a bridge solo from Nathan who “sings the best vocal you’ve ever heard,” according to Jay McGuiness. Sold!

…Why They’re Not Leading The New British Invasion

“Each individual British artist that’s doing well over here is doing it for their own merit, so they’ve got big fan bases and big songs. It just so happens we’re all doing it at the same time and so people think it’s a British invasion. I don’t think we ever did like a big meeting where we were like ‘Cool, everyone. Let’s go and be really successful in America.’”

…Their Summer Touring Plans

“We’re going to try to do a little sneaky tour across America. We’re trying to get in as many dates as we can, because there other territories that [say], “Come away from America now. You’ve been there for too long.” But we’re going to [travel ] as much as we can because it’s fun, and it will make us more successful than we currently are.”

…Their Guilty Pleasures

An innocent question about favorite TV shows revealed a hidden “Twilight” obsession and a bro date between two of the band members. Watch the fallout in the clip below.

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