BRACKET MADNESS: Does Ice Cube or KRS-One Have The Best Bars To Make It To The Finals?


Ice Cube and KRS-One are such different rappers that the only way to match up the two are literally comparing bar for bar. While Ice Cube’s catalog may ring more bells for most folks (because who doesn’t know “It Was a Good Day”), KRS-One’s “The Bridge Is Over” is a classic in its own right. Ultimately, whether KRS or Cube make it through to the next round of Bracket Madness to battle it out against either MC Lyte or Rakim for the best emcee of the Yo! MTV Raps era,  is up to you. Before you decide, check out three verses from each that emcee that get get the people going…because it’s provocative!


1. “You better check yo self before you wreck yo self/’Cause I’m bad for your health/I come real stealth/Droppin bombs on ya moms, f— car alarms/Doin’ foul crime, I’m that n—- wit’cha Alpine.” — “Check Yo Self”

2. “The bigger the cap, the bigger the peelin’/who gives a f– about a punk-a– villain?/You’re gettin’ f— real quick/and Eazy’s d—, is smellin’ like MC Ren’s s—/Tried to tell you a year ago, but Willie D told me to let a hoe be a h–/so I couldn’t stop you from gettin’ ganked/now let’s play big-bank-take-little-bank.” — “No Vaseline”

3. “Call me an animal up in the system/But who’s the animal that built this prison/Who’s the animal that invented lower living/The projects, thank god for Russell Simmons/Thank god for Sugarhill/I’m putting a different kind of steel up to my grill/Y’all know what it is, scared for your own kids/How these ghetto n— taken over showbiz.” — “Why We Thugs”


1. “Criminal minded you’ve been blinded/Lookin’ for a style like mine you can’t find it/They are the audience I am the lyricist/Sometimes the suckas on the side gotta hear this/Page, a rage, and I’m not in a cage/Free as a bird to fly up out on stage/Ain’t here for no frontin’ just to say a little somethin’/Ya suckaz don’t like me cause you’re all about nothin’.” — “Criminal Minded”

2. “This is what you waited all year for/The hardcore, that’s what KRS is here for/Big up Grand Wizard Theodore, gettin’ ill/If you see then ya saw I’m in your grill with mad skill/MC’s can only battle with rhymes that got punchlines/Let’s battle to see who headlines/Instead of flow for flow let’s go show for show/Toe for toe, yo, you better act like you know/Too many MC’s take that word ‘emcee’ lightly/They can’t Move a Crowd, not even slightly/It might be the fact that they express wackness/Let me show ya whose ass is the blackest/I flip a script a little bit, you ride the tip and shit/Too sick to get with it, admit you bit, your style is counterfeit/Now tone it down a bit/My title you will never get, I’m too intelligent/I’ll send your family my sentiments, my style is toxic/When I rock and shock and hip hop it unlock your head, I knock it/It split quick from the lyric/Direct hit, perfect fit, you can’t get with it.” — “MC’s Act Like They Don’t Know”

3. “Check out the message in a rough style/The real criminals are the C-O-P/You check for undercover and the one PD/But just a mere Black man, them want check me/Them check out me car for it shine like the sun/But them jealous or them vexed cause them can’t afford one.” — “Sound of Da Police”

Voting for this round ends Friday, April 27 at 11 a.m. ET/PT.


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