Playlist: Listen To All Of The Songs Featured On Your Favorite VH1 Shows During The Month Of April

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VH1 CMI April 2012

For each and every show that airs on VH1, a team of music supervisors here at the network have spent countless hours determining exactly what pieces of music best complement the footage that we have shot. This team—the CMI (Creative Music Integration) group—listen to thousands of songs each month in an attempt to figure out how best to utilize musical cues to reinforce the emotion and drama on shows like Mob Wives and Basketball Wives, so we thought it would be a cool idea to give you an inside glimpse into their world.

Each month, we’ll put together a list of all the songs that have been featured on the programs and promos that you see on VH1, which will be accompanied by two things: Specific commentary from the music supervisor as to why they selected a particular song for a particular scene in a show, as well as a Spotify playlist for you to sample these songs. Without further ado, here are all the songs that we featured on VH1 during the month of April!

(Listen to the playlist on Spotify)

B.o.B “So Good” in Single Ladies Promo


  • Graffiti 6 “Free” is featured in Mob Wives #212

  • Mississippi Twilight “Here and Gone” is featured in Mob Wives #212: You hear this song at the very end of episode 212. Renee has just found out that her husband, Junior, has snitched on her father. Her worst fears come to life as she loses her husband and her father to the police. She goes to find solace in a chapel and asks for the strength to get through this trying situation. The haunting blues track sets the tone for the devastating news. The lyrics “here and gone” ring true for Renee — due to their lifestyles, her husband and father are constantly remerging, opening up old wounds only to painfully disappear from her life shortly thereafter.—Isaac, CMI Music Supervisor
  • City and Colour “O’Sister” is featured in Mob Wives #212

  • James Morrison “Person I Should Have Been” is featured in Mob Wives #213: Renee and Karen start packing up Junior’s things. She’s realized that, as upsetting as the situation with her father and Junior has been, she can now start fresh and live for herself. UK singer-songwriter James Morrison’s soulful lyrics and vocals serve as Renee’s inner monologue – “I’m gonna start again, this world I painted black just needs some color…” // “make the best of this life I’ve got left”.—Isaac, CMI Music Supervisor

  • Lee Fields & The Expressions “It’s All Over (But The Crying)” is featured in Mob Wives #213
  • Sola Rosa feat. Iva Lamkum “Turn Around” is featured in Mob Wives #214
  • Chantal Claret “Honey Honey” is featured in Mob Wives #214
  • Nneka “My Home” is featured in Mob Wives #214
  • James Morrison ft. Jessie J “Up” is featured in Mob Wives #215: Renee explains what’s happening in the courthouse with her father. Her show of support at the courthouse reveals that their once strained relationship might be on the mend. The song provides lyrics of hope to close the scene “when it all falls down, the only way is up”.—Isaac, CMI Music Supervisor
  • Juliette Ashby “Take It Over” is featured in Mob Wives #215


  • Emeli Sande “Heaven” is in Basketball Wives #407: We were anxious to find a spot for Emeli Sande, VH1’s latest You Oughta Know artist. This particular transition called for a fun/glam sound as the ladies strutted off to dinner, but also needed a hint of tension, as we all knew something was about to go down.—Tracey, CMI Coordinator

  • Mona Lisa “Superstar” is in Basketball Wives #407
  • K’Naan “Better” is featured in Basketball Wives #408: We thought this song was perfect for the scene when Jennifer makes amends with Royce. The hook helped bring the mood from confrontational to optimistic.—Tracey, CMI Coordinator
  • Chiddy Bang ft. VV Brown “Happening” is featured in Basketball Wives #408
  • Luke James “I Want You” in Basketball Wives #409
  • Stacy Barthe “Find Your Way” in Basketball Wives #409: Tami and her mom had a very open conversation about their pasts in this scene. We wanted to find a track that hit on those raw emotions, but also ended with some resolution.—Tracey, CMI Coordinator
  • Jennifer Hudson, Ne-Yo & Rick Ross “Think Like A Man” in Basketball Wives #409
  • Gotye ft. Kimbra “Somebody That I Used to Know” is featured in Basketball Wives #410
  • Monica & Brandy ” It All Belongs to Me” is featured in Basketball Wives #410
  • Timomatic “Set It Off” is featured in Basketball Wives #410
  • Havana Brown “We Run The Night” in Basketball Wives #411
  • Robin Thicke “Pretty Lil Heart” in Basketball Wives #411


  • Graffiti6 “Calm The Storm” is in Couples Therapy #103: This artist has been a priority for us for a while now. This track perfectly narrates the transition here where all the cast members are shown in contemplative thought mode, trying to literally calm the storms in their relationships. You feel a sense of helplessness while remaining hopeful that these couples can brave the tough road ahead of them.—Paul, CMI Coordinator

  • The Blue Pages “Run Back Home” is featured in Couple’s Therapy #104: Our fellow CMI Coordinator, Lacey, introduced us to The Blue Pages, whose sound perfectly fits the mood and nature of this show. “Run Back Home” is actually the second song by The Blue Pages that we have used in this series. The editor did a fantastic job cutting this song to the scene, showing the progress some of the couples have made during the verse and then cutting to Reichen as he prepares to have a bigger discussion with Rodiney as the chorus comes in.—Paul, CMI Coordinator
  • Nikki Leonti “Concrete Stars” in Couples Therapy #105
  • Abandon “Feel It In Your Heart” is featured in Couples Therapy #106


  • The Submarines “Plans”& “Anymore” in House of Consignment #106

  • Handsome Furs “Memories of the Future” in House of Consignment #108
  • Hi Fashion ” Sprechen Sie Hi Fashion in House of Consignment #108
  • Kyla La Grange “Courage” is featured in House of Consignment #110: This track plays in the closing scene of the season finale. The driving, uplifting tone and lyrics (“courage will you come to my aid”) of the chorus fits perfectly with Corri’s testimonial as she talks with optimism about moving forward after Nicole’s been fired. Kyla La Grange is a talented up & coming artist from the UK and one to watch for this year.—Lacey, CMI Coordinator
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