Kanye Uses New Song “I Don’t Like It” To Address Domestic Abuse Allegations


Kanye and Alexis Phifer Walk Arm in Arm

By now we understand Kanye West is not one to sit down and pour out his soul to the press (we get it Ye, you hate the press). What the uncensored and outspoken rapper will do is hit the studio to pump out G.O.O.D. Music tracks that address anything he deems worthy. In his new song “I Don’t Like” (featuring Pusha T, Big Sean and Jadakiss), which is a remix of Chicago rapper Chief Keef‘s single, Kanye fires back against the allegations that he got physical with his ex.

Rumors spread quickly after In Touch magazine reported that a close friend of Alexis Phifer, Ye’s ex-fiancee, witnessed a physical altercation where he allegedly pushed Phifer into the bushes. In an April story, an anonymous source told the mag that “They went outside, and Kanye pushed Alexis into some bushes with all his force. She was wearing a T-shirt and she got cuts and scratches everywhere and was bleeding. She was crying. But he just left her there. He got in his car and drove away.” Apparently privy to the rumors, Kanye uses his verse as an opportune time to shut the allegations down: “The media crucify me like they did Christ. They wanna find me not breathing like they found Mike,” he spits. “A girl will run her mouth only out of spite. But I never hit a woman, never in my life.”

Meanwhile, the producer of the original song, Young Chop, has a bone to pick with the way they chopped up his beat, reports AllHipHop.com. In an interview the producer said, “I’m mad as hell, I’m mad as f**k for the simple fact that they did not ask me to change up sh*t in my beat.” Oooh, it looks like Kanye is making new enemies.

As far as the song goes, keep spilling the tea, Yeezy. First it was “Way Too Cold, formerly known as “Theraflu,” where he dished about his love for his new beau Kim K. Now in “I Don’t Like” he takes shots at the media and let’s us know he’d never hit a woman all in one swoop. With all that ego, er, we mean pent up creativity, he has to get those festering feelings off his chest. Right, right? Kanye’s just a soul whose intentions are good, oh Lord, please don’t let him be misunderstood.

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