Shearer’s Spotlight: 10 Reasons Why Jack White Is The Real “Most Interesting Man In The World”

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Jim ShearerLast week I saw Jack White perform live at Webster Hall (New York City), and throughout the concert one word came to mind (fittingly in all capital letters): FASCINATING.

In the age of social media and TMZ, where nothing is a secret anymore, how can one of today’s most respected/popular musicians—one who just scored a #1 album—manage to keep his mystique as alluring as a leprechaun riding bareback on a unicorn?

The Dos Equis man may claim to be the “most interesting person in the world,” but Jack White is currently the most fascinating man in music.

Here are 10 reasons why:

10. Divorce Party
When Jack White divorced his model/singer wife Karen Elson, not only did they do so amicably, but they threw a party to celebrate. Invitations were even made for the event billing it as a “humdinger.”

9. Ice, Ice Baby
While many musicians make public their sports allegiances, it’s not known if Jack White even likes sports. Nashville’s professional hockey team the Predators are currently still alive in the Stanley Cup Playoffs, and now that he calls Nashville home, I wonder if Jack White ever goes to a game, wears a replica jersey, or checks the box-score in the morning paper? (I also wonder if he’s sad that his hometown Detroit Red Wings were knocked out by the Predators in the first round?)

8. Battle of the Bands/Sexes
Touring in support of his debut solo album, Blunderbuss, Jack White is hitting the rode with both an all-lady and all-dude band. According to White, he’ll let his vibe dictate what band will take the stage on any given night (although I’m pretty sure both bands play at every concert date, at least that’s what happened in New York City last week).

7. Kissing Your Sister
Though it’s been documented that Jack White was once married to his former band-mate of The White Stripes, Meg; for years he made us believe that she was his sister.

6. Rotary or Cellular?
Though he runs his own business/record label (Third Man Records), some wonder if Jack White owns his own cellualr device. Does he text? Does he play Angry Birds? Who knows?

5. It Might Get Loud (and You Might Get Schooled)
Though Jack White once lacked confidence in his own performance abilities, so much that he dressed in candy-cane colors and brought down expectations by hiding behind a novice drummer; years later Jack White appeared in the documentary [I]It Might Get Loud[/I] only (in my opinion) to pick the brains, then take to school guitar gods The Edge and Jimmy Page. Watch it again if you don’t buy my take on the film.

4. Jack In The Box
Because Jack White is retro everything, it seems totally believeable that he has his own butcher, baker, and candle-stick maker. When it’s time to eat, does White ever crave a Big Mac (or namesake fast food joints Jack-In-The-Box or White Castle)? Does he eat Pop-Tarts for breakfast? Does he get an Icee when he goes to Target? [I]Has he ever shopped at Target?[/I]

3. Jack and Jill
During Jack White’s live performances with his all-girl band, there’s a palapable sexual tension between him and all of his female players (especially when back-up singer Ruby Amanfu cozies up next to him on the mic during “Love Interruption”). Is the tension real? If White did crush on one of his bandmates, how does he pick them up? Does he flirt? Does he use a pick up line? Does he play his favorite Leadbelly riff?

2. Double Doppleganger
Depending on what he’s wearing (or how he’s wearing his hair) Jack White—an enigma himself—sometimes resembles two of the most enigmatic entertainers of the last 30 years: Michael Jackson and Johnny Depp.

1.) Jack’s a Juggalo
Rule #1: If you want to ruin all credibility with music critics produce a single called “Leck Mich Im Arsch” for the Insane Clown Posse.
Rule #2: This rule doesn’t apply to you if your name is Jack White.

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