Kanye West Is “Lost In The World” Of Beautiful Simplicity


Leave it to Kanye West to unexpectedly release a video to “Lost in the World” from his multi-platinum album My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy, which was released in November of 2010. It’s not that we’d forgotten about the album, as it is an undeniable masterpiece. But lately we’ve been preoccupied with his new shocking (not really) relationship with Kim Kardashian, and the G.O.O.D. Music cuts “Mercy,” “I Don’t Like” and “Way Too Cold.” However, we’re totally okay with him revisiting his pre-Watch The Throne project, and on this video, he teamed up with with fashion filmmaker Ruth Hogben to create a black and white aesthetic experience, because calling it a music video would be an understatement.

“Lost in the World” opens with “lost” flashing across the screen in a number of languages. As the slow auto-tuned voice of Bon Iver carries the opening, smoky clouds drift across the scene. Kanye surfaces standing on a mirror like glass. Skyscrapers open up and the models in sheer shirt dresses play up the hopelessness of being lost, figuratively. Kanye never shows a close up of his face when rapping with his black fitted hat and button down shirt. The black and white buildings seem to spazz on the screen as they move at lightening speed. In the end the models dance dramatically to the drum beat, once again showing their desperation to break free from the cold, cold world.

Anything Kanye does he seems to exert all of his energy into resulting in art unlike anything else being done in music. When one watches the level of creativity as displayed in “Lost in the World,” it’s easy to understand why he has such a big ego. He’s kind of earned the right to.

Lost In the World Kanye West Video

Kanye West – Lost In The World (Official Video) [GoodMusicAllDay.com]

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