M.I.A. Lands New Gig As A Beer Bottle Designer, Says She Doesn’t Want To Be Known For Controversy


When she’s not riding on the side of flipped cars, M.I.A. is focused on creating artwork– the same artwork she designed for Beck’s beer bottles. Spin.com caught up with M.I.A. to chat about her new art endeavors and where she’s at with her highly anticipated fourth album. Since she flipped the bird in this year’s Super Bowl (where she performed with Madonna and Nicki Minaj), M.I.A. has been fairly lowkey. Before that she dropped an impromptu video for “Bad Girls,” but hasn’t followed up with another single from her forthcoming album Matangi. Until she satisfies our curiosity we’re happy to watch “Bad Girls” on repeat.

The 36-year-old rebel rouser tells Spin.com, “I guess I’m most known for creating a lot of controversy,” she said with a smile. “But I don’t want to be defined by that. I want to shift it back to the art.” The controversy she speaks of is her outspoken views on conflicts around the world, speaking out about oppressed people globally, tweeting “F*** the New York Times” and calling out other media outlets for sexism and racism. Her stunt at the Super Bowl didn’t help much. Chilling out from the music a bit she headed to India to paint. She tells Spin.com that the Beck’s opportunity came about from someone sending it to her and it fitting what she was creating already. “I was in India at the time doing artwork anyway, and somebody sent it to me, and it kind of fit with the theme of what I was making,” she said. “And so I said yes because I felt like it was perfect.”

M.I.A. was tight lipped about the album, but it is in the works. The way “Bad Girls” was executed leaves us with total confidence the album will be a smash. And we’re not sure if all controversy is bad controversy. As long as she refrains from a repeat of the Super Bowl fiasco her musical talents will stand on its on. If not, you can guess what finger she may put in the air.

M.I.A. at Super Bowl Performance

M.I.A. on Her New Music and New Job: Designing Beer Bottles [Spin.com]

[Photo: Getty Images]

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