Nelly Furtado Rocks Big Hoop Earrings And Walks On Stilts In “Big Hoops (Bigger The Better)”


Nelly Furtado is larger than life in her new video “Big Hoops (Bigger The Better).” Furtado walks around the city in stilts as onlookers stare in awe of the freak attraction, which is kind of a neat concept. In the song Furtado talks about partying, meeting a guy and not wanting to talk about sex. “I don’t want to talk about sex when I express myself tonight,” she sings. But don’t expect to see the typical party scene with a bunch of hot guys fawning over her beauty. Furtado is way too cool for the ordinary.

Directed by X, Furtado looks like a lanky supermodel as she hovers over everyone (even skyscrapers) on stilts. “I can go fast, I can go places nobody else goes,” she sings as she dances behind the bright artsy backdrops. It’s infectious, it’s catchy, it’s the classic Furtado sound. Following the big hoop theme, the video features champion Native American hoop dancer Tony Duncan who juggles and dances with up to six hoops at a time. But there’s a missing connection to the video as a whole. We would have loved to see the effervescent, bubbling with enthusiasm Furtado that draws us in immediately. After all, its been three years since her last album. “Big Hoops (Bigger The Better)” is the first single from her fifth album The Spirit Indestructible, which debuts June 19th. Other than the obvious–bigger is always better– and Tom Duncan clearly being amazing with hula hoops, what exactly is Furtado conveying through the song and video? We’re left scratching our heads on this one.

nelly furtado "big hoops (bigger the better)" video

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