Happy Mother’s Day From VH1! (Spotify Playlist)


Happy Mother's Day From VH1

We here at VH1 are strong believers that mothers are worthy of appreciation 365 days a year. That said, this Sunday is the official day we honor those special women in our lives. Seeing as how music has always been expressive and a reflection of the artist’s own life, it only makes sense that everyone from Tupac to Taylor Swift have created songs expressing their love for the woman that brought them into the world. Those songs cover the entire spectrum, from light and fun to heartfelt and emotional. In honor of Mother’s Day, we’ve put together a Spotify playlist of our all-time favorite songs dedicated to moms. Since we don’t sing or rap, we’re leaving it to those that do to honor all the mamas. Happy Mother’s Day!


1. “Dear Mama”- Tupac
Tupac’s ode to his mother Afeni Shakur has to be one of the most touching and well known dedication songs in music.

2. “Mama’s Song” – Carrie Underwood
In this guitar heavy country song, Underwood reassures her mom that her husband to be is a great man, and marrying him doesn’t mean her mom is losing her.

3. “Hey Mama”- Kanye West
“It don’t got to be Mother’s Day or your birthday for me to call and say, ‘Hey, mama.'” When Kanye made this fun track for his mother, we never imagined it’d be the very song he’d perform in her honor after her death. Counting our lucky stars that she was able to hear it before she passed.

4. “The Best Day” – Taylor Swift
Taylor Swift probably has a lot of great days seeing as how she’s one of the biggest country singers and all. But spending quality time with her mom tops the list of best days she’s ever had.

5. “A Song For Mama” – Boyz II Men

When Boyz II Men’s “A Song For Mama” played on the popular late 90s movie Soul Food, eyes welled with tears. Soulful voices singing lyrics that helms mothers as Queens would make any mama proud.

6. “You Can’t Lose Me” – Faith Hill
Let’s face it, a mother’s love is incomparable, something that can never be replaced. And a daughter’s love for her mom will never be lost.

7. “Thank You Mom”- Good Charlotte
There’s nothing this group won’t do to “sing these words to [their moms].” Ask any parent: a simple “thank you” goes a long way.

8. “I’ll Always Love My Mama”- The Intruders
Before rappers existed or made popular dedications to their moms, The Intruder’s gave props to their moms in an ol’ school classic.

9. “Luven Me”- Nelly
Nelly learned mama knows best, and in honoring her she can have whatever she wants. He also gives her one of the best things a mother can ask for–an apology.

10. “Mama”- Spice Girls

This super girl group was known for their female pop anthems, but in “Mama” they turn down the catchy party tunes and turn up the appreciation.

11. “Coat of Many Colors”- Dolly Parton
Only Dolly Parton can turn a song about a coat made by her mother into one of her biggest hits ever.

12. “Mom Praying” – Beanie Sigel
The usually tough Philly rapper shows his softer side in this powerful song honoring the woman who raised him.

13. “Somebody’s Hero”- Jamie O’Neal

Over the guitar O’Neal wants you to know her mom is an everyday woman, but she’s her hero.

14. “Mother Mother” by Tacy Bonham
Bonham screams to her mother, “Everything’s fine,” but we get the feeling it isn’t. Nonetheless, she doesn’t want her mom to worry. Such a good daughter.

15. “To My Mama” – Bow Wow featuring Amerie
When Bow Wow came into the game, his mother was his manager, so it’s befitting he’d write a song for her.

16. “(You Make Me Feel Like) A Natural Woman” – Aretha Franklin
Let’s face it. If there wasn’t a man somewhere along the way that made your Mom feel like a natural woman at some point, you probably wouldn’t be around to read this sentence.

17. “Stacy’s Mom” – Fountains Of Wayne
This hilarious 2003 ode to MILFs is a testament to the fact that women only get more attractive after they become moms.

18. “December 4th” – Jay-Z
Hova’s tribute to the influence that his mother, Gloria, had on his life is only reinforced by the fact that he sampled her voice on the record.

19. “The Perfect Fan” – Backstreet Boys
Perhaps the schmaltziest song on our list, it’s nonetheless a song that we’ve heard many of our friends spin during the Mother/Son dance at weddings.

20. “Mother” – Danzig
What better way to end our Mother’s Day tribute than by featuring this song in which a musclebound, bloodthirsty Glenn Danzig warns women the world over not to bring their children within eyesight of the former Misfits singer’s front yard?

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