Jaden Smith Has Bars In “Give It To Em” Video


He’s Will Smith’s son, son! Of course Jaden Smith would be nice on the mic, but we didn’t imagine he’d have lyrical punchlines that put some of his peers twice his senior to shame. One can hear the adolescence in the pitch of his 13-year-old voice in the short video to “Give It To Em.” But what he lacks in baritone he makes up for in rhymes. When he raps, “Young, black with accessories, and I’m doing well never seen a penitentiary. ‘Cause they can’t sentence the greatest emcee they’ve ever seen. No I’m not but if you gon’ battle me you better be,” all of his youthfulness becomes a distant thought.

Smith exclusively released the black and white video to RyanSeacrest.com keeping information about his new musical project on lock and key. But according to RyanSeacrest.com, the youngster wrote the song himself. The Hollywood child actor joins his sister Willow Smith in embarking on a musical career while still maintaining his love for acting. At first listen we immediately thought of Diggy Simmons, not just for the obvious similarities– children of rappers and celebs, young and rich– moreso the two mirror each other in that as teens they have something to say worth listening to. He rides the beat well with a semi-fast flow. Jaden has a few bars. It doesn’t hurt that with Will and Jada Pinkett Smith as parents he has access to super producers and pretty much any artist he’d want on a collabo. Looks like Diggy has a little competition.

Jaden Smith Give It To Em Video

WORLD PREMIERE: Jaden Smith’s New Track ‘Give It To Em’ [VIDEO] [RyanSeacrest.com]

[Photo: Getty Images]

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