50 Cent Hospitalized, Cuddled Up With Stuffed Animals


50 Cent Hospitalized

Mr. Get Rich or Die Tryin’ is feeling a little under the weather. Curtis “50 Cent” Jackson tweeted photos of himself lying in a hospital bed and alluded to a forthcoming surgery. According to Gossipcop.com, the rapper tweeted a series of tweets on Wednesday showing himself in a hospital gown, but he did not mention why he was in the hospital outside of the mystery surgery. Out of the blue 50 Cent took a page from Rihanna’s book and tweeted:

That 50 Cent is such a businessman, you know, thinking about his mixtape and all while he’s hospitalized. According to People.com, there have been rumors that all of this is a publicity stunt for the promotion of his mixtape. With Fiddy anything’s possible. But the mixtape is free, folks. Does the man who signed a multi-million dollar deal with Vitamin Water really needs to go this far for publicity of a free mixtape? He’s come a long way from the rapper that made a career out of beef with other rappers. Currently he’s working with his new artist Pauly D from MTV’s Jersey Shore on The Pauly D Project , and he’s currently filming The Tomb (per his IMDB page) with Arnold Schwarzenegger and Sylvester Stallone. Whatever his ailment we know it’s not his party binging lifestyle since the hardcore rapper doesn’t drink alcohol or smoke. Rest up Fiddy. Hopefully this isn’t some cruel joke.

50 Cent Hospitalized, Alludes to Surgery [GossipCop.com]

[Photo: 50 Cent’s Twitter]

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