Nicki Minaj Juggles Nas And Chris Brown In “Right By My Side”


So far Nicki Minaj is holding it down with the summer boo anthem “Right By My Side” featuring Chris Brown. Nicki puts aside the characters and trades in the over the top costumes for pretty frilled dresses in the the fun, hold-hands-with-your-significant-other video. Instead of going with Chris Brown as the obvious romantic interest, Nicki opts for Nas to play her leading man. The track alone instantly sparks a warm fuzzy feeling of wanting a beau “right by [your] side.” With the complement of the on screen couple showing affection through hugs and strolls walking arm-in-arm, we’re feeling a double side of warm and fuzzy. On the rocks.

Don’t fret #teamBreezy. Chris Brown makes a cameo as the other guy. Whatever the male word for mistress would be, that’s Chris. Nicki and Brown flirt and dance together, but she eventually returns to her main man. Nas is sharp, reminding us of an older, wiser Sincere (remember Belly?). For the majority of the record Nicki sings in the range she’s most comfortable. One of the best moments is  her sitting back to back with Nas, his gold chain hanging from her neck, and she raps like the fire spitter she is, “I only argue with him, when the Laker’s on. Other than that I’m getting my Marc Jacobs on.” When the beat speeds up her rhymes follow suit. “My p**** game so cold that he always seem to come back. ‘Cause he know it be a wrap when I’m riding it from the back,” she spits right before flipping the black hood over her long platinum blonde wig as if she knows she just laid down a tight verse. Nicki Minaj manages to grab up the hottest R&B male singer and iconic rapper in one video. Her pimp game is strong. Teach us your ways, Nicki.

Nicki Minaj "By My Side" video featuring Chris Brown and Nas

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