T.I. Wants Out Of The Rap Game Because It’s Fake


T.I.'s Breakfast Club Interview

A rapper hasn’t earned his or her stripes until they publicly announce that they’re leaving the rap game for good. Like Too Short, Jay-Z, 50 Cent and The Game who’ve all threatened to retire,  T.I. went on Power 105’s The Breakfast Club and said he wants out because the game has changed. How many times have we heard this song and dance before from other rappers? On The Breakfast Club video interview posted on HipHopDX.com, T.I. said he would be more than happy to fade to the background. “This is what everyone fails to realize. I want out. I want out, man,” he said. “What the game is going to and what has evolved into from a personality standpoint, it goes against what I represent.” By that he means he’s real and the industry is fake. “What I embody, this game contradicts that. I want out. I’m in it because I love music and I have obligations, contractually,” he disclosed. So, if it wasn’t for those contractual obligations T.I. would be perfectly fine focusing on his artists and other endeavors.

Although T.I. clarified that he wouldn’t say he’d retire because that term is “so final,” he did make it pretty clear that he was not a fan of the new direction hip-hop was going in where artists can embellish the truth in their rhymes. He elaborated on those feelings by saying, “It was at one time, this music was about speaking to the people who felt like you feel. Now, the people I’m speaking to, they don’t necessarily feel like how I feel. In my day, if you were rapping about something you weren’t really living, that was a strike against you. You were held accountable. Nowadays, nobody even expects you to live up to the things you rap about. That goes against what I represent, what I stand for. So if they outsell me, then that’s just all the more better for me to fade to the back and cross my legs on my desk.”

Tell us how you really feel T.I. His success as an author, actor, managing his artists B.O.B. and OMG Girlz, hit reality show T.I. & Tiny: Family Hustle with wife Tiny and clothing line Akoo is more than enough to focus on if he does decide to call it quits. We think he needs a much needed break and he’ll be rapping a new tune. Don’t worry. He’s working on an album and collaborating with B.O.B. on a project. T.I.’s not leaving rap anytime soon.

T.I. Contemplating Retirement, Says Rap Isn’t The Same [HipHopDX.com]

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