50 Cent Calls Hipsters The New Hippies And Solves Mystery Of Last Week’s Hospitalization


50 Cent Hospitalized For Food Poisoning

The mystery of 50 Cent holding cuddly stuffed animals while hospitalized has been solved. Vice.com interviewed the rapper and DJ Drama about their upcoming mixtape The Lost Tape, but the interview turned out to be much more about 50’s favorite animal and hipsters. He tells VICE firsthand why he was in the hospital. It turns out it wasn’t a publicity stunt like rumors suggested (we told you!). It was the case of eating a meal in London that didn’t set well with him resulting in food poisoning.

After puking multiple times he decided to go the doctor, but when things took a turn for the worse he headed to Jamaica Hospital in Queens. “I got hot, started sweating, and it felt like every way I was moving s*it was contracting. I’m going, “What the f*ck? I can’t breathe!” I made it to Jamaica Hospital in Queens, and somehow nobody realized I was there.” Well, 50, sick people aren’t usually worried about a filthy rich rapper if they’re in the hospital. DJ Drama later sends the hardcore rapper stuffed animals because, as he put it, “What do you send 50 Cent? Some stuffed animals. Duh.”

Unexpectedly 50 talks about the hipster being the new hippie and claims “conscious” rap has faded, and the new music people want to hear is about getting high and selling drugs. “When they say “hipster,” they mean “hippie.” It’s cycling back to that period with drugs, sex and rock and roll,” he told the interviewer. “It’s like, “Do you like bell bottoms, or do you like skinny jeans?” It’s the same fad, just the opposite way. Hipsters’ jeans are tighter, because (affects a voice suspiciously like mine) skateboarding’s cool. They’ve all got pot in they mouth. They smokin’ some pot.” Since hipster is the new trend in music according to Fiddy, does this mean he’ll start rocking skinny jeans soon? Skinny jeans and stuffed animals. Now that’s fly.

We Interviewed 50 Cent and DJ Drama [VICE.com]

[Photo: Getty Image]

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