All The Boys Go Crazy Over Rihanna: Chris Brown And Meek Mill Exchange Subliminal Tweets Over The Pop Star


Chris Brown and Meek Mill Twitter Beef Over Rihanna

When you’re one of the flyest badgirls on the planet like Rihanna, you don’t sweat the small stuff like having a pop singer and rapper throwing subliminal shots at each other on Twitter over you. For Memorial Day weekend Rihanna hung out (and held hands) with Drake down in Miami, according to The two were in Miami to shoot French Montana’s “Pop That” video. Rihanna sure does have a forgiving heart.  It was just a couple of weeks ago folks were up in arms over Drake’s alleged diss about Rihanna in his verse on 2 Chainz’s “No Lie.” While she was schmoozing with Drake, who has confessed his love for this woman a million times before, Chris Brown and Meek Mill seemed to be throwing jabs back and forth on Twitter. Yes, you read that right. Rihanna’s in Miami partying it up with Drizzy, meanwhile Chris Brown and Meek Mill are engaging in petty beefs on social media. All over Rihanna. Play on, player!

Last month rumors quickly spread that Rihanna and Meek Mill may be dating after the two tweeted each other and were later spotted in the same strip club. Not too happy about his ex being linked to the upcoming rapper, Brown allegedly took Meek Mill off of one of his songs, which Mill confirmed this weekend tweeting, “You took me off your song because she let me watch da throne #dreamsandnightmares.” Chris Brown tweeted in response, “She’s a dream chaser! There are alot of dreamers so she’ll be running forever!” And Meek Mill got the last word when he responded, “Dese chicks belong 2 da game….not u! Never get confused and think that’s all u!”

Gentleman, gentleman. For two guys who both have girlfriends their boxer briefs are certainly in a bunch over a woman that was too busy in Miami with Drizzy to be concerned with the petty Twitter beef. And in the bossiest move since Kelis’ “Bossy,” Riri tweeted, “The best part is that EYE get to choose!” Now that’s gangster, Rhi. Real gangster.

Rihanna & Drake Get Close In Miami, Plus Are Chris Brown & Meek Mill Twitter Beefing Over Rihanna?

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