Raising “Daughters” Is Tough, Nas’ Daughter Destiny Makes A Cameo In New Video


Nas is unapologetically honest about what he’s experienced in his life. His music explores the good, bad and ugly. After much controversy over the details he disclosed in “Daughters,” the video has arrived. It’s chill and mellow like the soulful track. The third single from his forthcoming album Life Is Good gives a small glimpse into Nas’ private life as a father. Directed by Chris Robinson, the video begins with the birth of Nas’ daughter Destiny. Although an actress plays her role, Destiny makes a cameo at the end proving everything is all good with her and pops.

Like Nas’ songs, the video tells a story. We see the various stages of Nas being  a father, from him enjoying being a new dad to his daughter growing into a teenager doing mischievous teenage things. Girl grows up, she’s boy crazy and she’s negatively influenced by her peers, which leads to poor decisions. One of those decisions being the notorious twitter debacle where Nas’ 17-year-old daughter tweeted a box of condoms on her nightstand. In real life. Since he rapped about the incident in the song he chose to visually show a reenactment of it in the video. Hopefully that awkward moment serves as a cautionary tale for other teenage girls.

Even the hardest of dads can relate to the disappointment and anxiousness of watching your little girl grow up too fast. And what good dad doesn’t want to protect their precious baby girl from the the world that awaits her? We’re happy Nas and Robinson chose to go the concept route with this video instead of having something that went so far left it wouldn’t fit the song. Styled by June Ambrose we see the classic Nas style– simple, clean cut, not too over the top. If the three singles Nas has dropped so far are an indication of what Life Is Good shall bring on July 17, we’re guessing it’s another classic. Let’s toast to the good life.

Nas Daughters New Video

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