Yo: The Story Of Yo! MTV Raps Sneak Peek: Tupac Spazzes About The Hughes Brothers Fight


VH1 Rock Docs is back with another documentary, and this time it takes a look at the story behind the classic show Yo! MTV Raps. In this sneak peek of Yo: The Story of Yo! MTV Raps Tupac blasts the Hughes brothers for firing him from their movie Menace II Society. What made Yo! MTV Raps great was hosts Ed Lover and Doctor Dre’s connection with the artists that made them feel comfortable enough to be themselves. Unfortunately for Pac, being himself landed him in a whirlwind of legal troubles after the Hughes brothers filed charges against him for assault.

In the documentary Ed Lover said, “The Hughes brothers had pissed him off and he had gotten into a fight with them. I was like ‘Pac, just leave that alone.'” But Pac did everything but leave the topic alone. He unleashes his verbal wrath telling everyone watching that he “caught them on the streets and beat their behind.” His tirade on Yo! MTV Raps was used as evidence against him in court. “They subpoenaed MTV, they got a copy of the show,” said Ed Lover. Pac kept going to a point that Ed Lover had to put his hand over Pac’s mouth and Doctor Dre grabbed his arm to keep him calm.

Tupac was going to speak his mind no matter what, good or bad. And that’s why we loved him. Too bad his mouth was oftentimes both a gift and a curse. For more stories like these tune in to Yo: The Story of Yo! MTV Raps on Thursday, June 7 to at 10 p.m. ET/PT.

Tupac on Yo! MTV Raps

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