Duets Judge Robin Thicke Thinks The Beatles Have The Greatest Duets Of All Time


It takes two to tango in Robin Thicke’s new gig as a judge on ABC’s new singing competition show Duets. Along with his co-judges Kelly Clarkson, John Legend and Jennifer Nettles, they flew around the country in search of talented singers to become their duet partners. Undiscovered talent singing with veteran singers sounds like a recipe for an assortment of  musical pleasantries. With all the pairing up on Duets, we were curious to find out what duets Robin Thicke loves, and what songs he planned to sing on the show.

“For me one of the duets that changed my perspective on duets was Method Man and Mary J. Blige,” said Thicke. “Now that’s a duet!” He wanted to perform “All I Need” on the show, but figured he’d sound silly rapping Method Man’s verse, “Shorty I’m here for you anytime you need me.” Thicke has some soul. We totally think he could’ve pulled it off. Of course soul music has had the biggest influence on his own music. However, he says the best duets are the songs by legendary group The Beatles. “The best duets of all times are Beatles songs because you have two of these amazing singer songwriters that are pretty much dueting half the time on their records,” said Thicke.

As far as what duets you can expect to see Thicke performing, well, let’s just say the selections are a mixed bag of nuts. But here’s a hint: he and one of his co-judges may have a special treat in store. “John Legend and I are considering doing “Ebony & Ivory” for our next song,” he joked. “Nobody wants to see that. Never gonna happen,” he said. “We went with Marvin Gaye instead.” But which Marvin Gaye song? Tune in to Duets on Thursday nights at 8 p.m. ET/PT on ABC to find out.

Robin Thicke on New Show Duet

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