Five Awesomely Bad Yearbook Photos Of Your Favorite Metal And Rock Stars


Kirk Hammett's Yearbook Photo

Imagine the worst picture of yourself posted on the bulletin board at work. Awful, right? Now envision that you are a heavy metal or rock star and the entire world is privy to the embarrassing yearbook photo that you hoped only grandma had copies of. compiled yearbook photos of 50 metal and rock musicians including everyone from Jon Bon Jovi to Courtney Love. In case you’re wondering how great they are (no, really, they’re amazing) the photos are comical. We can’t stop scrolling the mouse up and down the page to get a bit of nostalgia and laughter. Here’s our top five awesomely bad photos that have totally made our day.

5. Someone hand Glenn Danzig the clippers.

You know, Danzig actually doesn’t look horribly awkward as a teen. He would have one of the better looks if it weren’t for that Morticia Adams hair. It’s dreadful. The cut aged him by about 20 years. Apparently in Danzig’s teenage world “long hair don’t care.”

4. Paul Stanley knows no other facial expression.

Dude. The lead singer of Kiss has the same stoic expression since…forever. Look at that eyebrow raised as if he’s asking, “Huh?” The expression may have stayed the same, but we’re happy his hair has at least evolved. Change suits him well.

Chris Adler yearbook photo

3. Is that a comb over on Chris Adler?

We think we’ve found Donald Trump’s hair twin! Has the swept over bang look ever been cool? And what was up with the hair tucked behind the ears? We have so many questions with no answers. Thank goodness this Lamb of God singer is good at music because he didn’t stand a chance as a hair icon.

2. Chester Bennington has come a mighty long way.

It’s hard to imagine the handsome lead vocalist of Linkin Park as a scrawny kid with dorky eyeglasses and an even cornier hairstyle. Stranger things have happened though. Let this be a lesson, kids. The guy you laugh at now is the one that becomes a huge rockstar that you want to be like later. We hope at his high school reunion he was given the “Most Improved” award.

1. Everything about Kirk Hammett’s yearbook photo is oh so right, yet oh so wrong.

As funny as this picture is, if you stare long enough you’ll see Hammett had swag even back then. Yes, even with his hair flipped like Mary Tyler Moore. Ironically those same coke bottle glasses that probably weren’t so hip when he was wearing them are now back in style. This Metallica guitarist is so badass this photo doesn’t even matter in the big scheme of things.



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