Nicki Minaj vs. Hot 97’s Funkmaster Flex And The Argument Of Real Hip-Hop


Nicki vs. Funkmaster Flex on Hot 97 SummerJam

Radio vs. hip-hop beef continues between Hot 97 radio and Nicki Minaj after Lil Wayne pulled all of Young Money from Sunday’s Summer Jam concert due to DJ Peter Rosenberg’s comment that “Starships” wasn’t real hip-hop. Last night Nicki called in to Hot 97 to speak to Funkmaster Flex (who was very vocal in shading her at Summer Jam). According to Flex the two exchanged a few heated emails before they could both calm down enough to have a live phone conversation. Emotions were high between the rapper and DJ host as both tried to argue their points regarding the bottomline: should Nicki have performed anyway against her boss’ orders, or is her decision justified?

Nicki argued that Rosenberg dissed her as the only woman headliner. “I respect real men. Go at a man,” she said. Flex disagreed that the diss had anything to do with her being a woman. Flex rebutted that Rosenberg had an opinion about the song “Starships” and it had nothing to do with her personally. Nicki says she doesn’t care about his opinion, but you don’t diss somebody before they hit the stage. She refused to name Rosenberg, only referring to him as “him.” She reiterated that she still wanted to perform in her hometown regardless of being disrespected. “I’m not a quitter,” she said. “I don’t back down from anything.”

Nicki says before she had New York radio she had Wayne and would never go against what he says. “Wayne gave me a very very valuable lesson on knowing your worth.” Much of the interview was a back and forth about whether or not she should have performed until she dropped numbers on what she’s achieved thus far. At the concert Funkmaster Funk said her latest record didn’t go gold. She said the real reason she called in was to clear up the misconception of her record sales (or lack thereof). She went on to roll off a long list of her record sales from the beginning of her career. “I’ve sold 3.5 million records in two years,” she declared.

Without a doubt Nicki feels Wayne made the right call. “Every woman has to know at a certain point you’ve got to stand up for yourself in your career,” she said. She eventually apologized to her fans and promised to make it up to them in the form of a free concert in New York. We’ll wait for that show!

Meanwhile there’s been a lot of chatter about if Nicki is still hip-hop. Rosenberg didn’t say anything that hadn’t been buzzing in the proverbial streets. The global appeal Nicki has is her ability to cross multiple genres with her music. She would not be where she is had she stayed the rapper we hear in the Beam Me Up Scotty mixtape. But, when people desperately want a female rapper that is hardcore hip-hop, can she really be surprised when people say her songs aren’t really hip-hop?

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