Vh1 Storytellers Sneak Peek: Norah Jones Purposely Made “Happy Pills” A Mean Song


We’re beyond ecstatic for the premiere of VH1 Storytellers: Norah Jones this Friday. The video to “Happy Pills” may have been about revenge and murder, but in this sneak peek she says the inspiration for the song originated from a far less dramatic place. As far as we know there was no real revenge plot she concocted to get back at a cheating husband as the video shows. It all started from her hunger. No, really.

An empty stomach makes Norah Jones an agitated woman. Seeing her frustration, someone in the studio hummed a cheerful tune in an attempt to make her smile. The tune was recorded on her iPhone, and she and her team came back to it weeks later. To follow the theme of the other songs for Little Broken Hearts the song needed to be happy, more dark. “We just made the lyrics really mean,” she says with laughter. “And then it fit in perfectly.” The contrast between the actual music and lyrics are like night and day. The upbeat tempo would match perfectly with a song about being in love, but instead she sings, “Trying to make it so I never see your face again.”

Hearing Norah’s voice live is magical. “Happy Pills” sounds like the perfect mixture of jazz and country. And she sings beautifully while playing the piano! Tune in to VH1 Storytellers: Norah Jones on Friday, June 8th at 11 p.m. ET/PT.

Norah Jones on Storytellers

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