Azealia Banks Is Done With The Rap Game And Twitter


Azalea Banks Quits Twitter & the Rap Game

When you can’t stand the heat, get off of Twitter. That’s exactly what Azealia Banks did over the weekend. The upcoming Harlem rapper has had enough of the back and forth Twitter beefs and decided to pull a disappearing act by deleting her Twitter account. Not only is she over social media, she’s also tired of the rap game. When Nicki Minaj deleted her account the Internet was in a frenzy, but luckily for Nicki’s Barbz she returned a week later. We give Banks two weeks tops to rejoin the social media network celebs love to hate.

Twitter was the home of many conflicts for Azealia Banks–Iggy Azalea, T.I. and Lil’ Kim–were all at the receiving end of Banks’ wrath. For someone in the nascent stages of her career she has more beef than Oscar Mayer. But what was the last straw that broke the camel’s back? On her Tumblr she wrote, “no more twitter for me… it makes me entirely too accessible. i just know that being as REACTIVE of a person as i am… i can’t be reading EVERYONE’S thoughts all day.” She continued, “Azealia Banks just wants to be free! free from social media.. free from the rap game.. free from the haters, and free from the ignorance.” She also added she’ll focus on singing because she doesn’t want to the label of being associated with the rap game. “From now on i’m a vocalist, and will not be associating myself with the “rap game”… or whatever the f*ck that means,” Banks wrote.

It seems like all of this is an attempt to revamp her career and image. Global Grind reports the “Jumanji” rapper recently fired her manager Troy Carter. We’re not sure how not being on Twitter to promote her music helps her career, but if it will eliminate future feuds it may have been best. We want to hear more music and less drama from Ms. Banks.

Azealia Banks Quits Twitter And Gives Her Career A Makeover! []

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