“R.I.P.” To The Stage Rita Ora Killed At The Summertime Ball In London


As Jay-Z’s latest protege there are high expectations for 21-year-old Rita Ora. Ora’s success in the UK is just the beginning; and if the pattern of British singers successfully owning the UK charts and eventually taking the US airwaves by storm continues, Ora is headed for the top of the charts. In front of 80,000 fans with their hands in the air, Ora performed “R.I.P.” at the Capital FM Summertime Ball in London. In eccentric jeans and midriff top, on a scale of one to 10, Ora’s energy was at 20. And with 80,000 onlookers every bit of her energy was reciprocated.

Ora worked the large stage by making sure to touch each corner and eventually ending up in the center. Like a rockstar, Ora includes the crowd as she instructs them to jump up and down, which they happily oblige to. Her raspy voice struggles to carry the alto notes when she runs out of breath from running around. But that’s nothing a few good vocal trainings can’t fix. “R.I.P.”, penned by Drake, is the official first single from her forthcoming LP O.R.A. From NYC’s S.O.B.’s stage in a standing room only venue to London’s Capital FM stage three times larger, Rita Ora will continue to rock for massive crowds as her stardom continues to grow.

Rita Ora Performs "R.I.P." at Summertime

Rita Ora Does “R.I.P.” At Summertime Ball

[Photo: Getty Images]

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