Nas Talks About The Use Of The N-Word On CNN


Nas on CNN Discussing Parenthood

It’s Nasty Nas season, folks. There’s an excitement surrounding his 10th studio album Life Is Good that hasn’t been this prevalent since he dropped “Stillmatic” in 2001. Recently he stopped by CNN’s Starting Point with Soledad O’Brien where he openly discussed fatherhood and why he made his latest single “Daughters.” In the interview he said being in the music business and having the relationship he does with his daughter’s mother, Carmen Bryant, he didn’t spend the time he needed to with his daughter. “It took me away from being that parent that was there all the time,” he said. Despite the self-reflection in thinking he could’ve done a better job as a father Nas says his daughter thinks he was a great dad. Awwww.

Commentator Roland Martin asks Nas if having a daughter gave him pause about certain images on television or music that refers to women in a derogatory manner. “For a minute when my daughter was born I thought I couldn’t write anymore,” said the Queensbridge emcee. “Because she’s going to hear this stuff from her dad.” There was much to say about parenting, but O’Brien asked him the hard question that has been the topic of debate, again, most recently with Gwyneth Paltrow tweeting the n-word (and Nas defending her). When O’ Brien asks him, “Why the n-word all the time?” Nas responds by saying it’s “street corner language.” But with age he says he’s growing out of the need to use it in his music.

Life is indeed good for Mr. Jones. With the current cover of Complex magazine, his Summer Jam performance where he brought out the incredible Lauryn Hill, countless interviews and batting three for three with each of his singles, we don’t know if there could have been a better title for his upcoming album. The Don is in full effect, and we’re ready for him to slay.

Nas Talks Parenthood & The N-Word On CNN [VIDEO] []

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