“Scream” For Usher Using The Greatness That Is Fuerza Bruta In New Video


Usher joining forces with Fuerza Bruta for a Cirque du Soleil of sorts experience for the Looking 4 Myself listening party was both innovative and a wonderful production. It was so incredible Usher decided the video to his second single “Scream” would piece together his performances from the night of his Fuerza Bruta collaboration. If you are looking for a more concrete video that correlates with the song you may wonder what’s going on. But once you’ve made it to the end you understand why this was the perfect concept.

For the first minute Usher sings and hits a few dance moves with nothing else in the background but a luminous light. Eventually there’s water and the shape of a woman. From the female curves in the water to Usher’s sexy dance off with a beautiful woman to running through a faux wall, the video is more about the aesthetic than conveying any type of story. The silhouette in the water is enchanting while the liner aspect of the dancer’s moves are strikingly beautiful. It’s refreshing to see Usher take the less traveled road for his electronic dance single. Instead of turning this into a party video, which the song is suitable for, he brings Fuerza Bruta to the masses.

Usher's New Scream Video

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