Cowgirl Azealia Banks Rides Through The Wild Wild West In “Liquorice”


Azealia Banks can now add equestrian to her list of skills. Her three day Twitter hiatus resulted in a cowgirl horseback riding Banks in the Rankin directed video for “Liquorice.” Banks is solo as she wanders through the desert with her beautiful horse. Wild Wild West meets Harlem in the scenic backdrop of mountains, grass and woods. Banks owns her inner cowgirl with her pistol, rapping in all black next to her black horse. She plays up just the right amount of sexy yet playfulness to make the guys go gaga over her liquorice.

Although actual liquorice doesn’t make an appearance, which would have been totally corny, instead she teasingly has fun with a red, white and blue popsicle to match her American flag outfit. Back at the barn she plays with a juicy hotdog. Just when you think she’s going to eat it she smushes it with her hand as ketchup and mustard gushes out. It’s all so western. And we love every minute of it. Cowgirl Azealia, Mermaid Azealia, Harlem bred Azealia, it doesn’t matter. As long as Azealia Banks is putting out music, we’re listening.

Azealia Banks Video "Liquorice"

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