In Honor Of Father’s Day We Present A Playlist Of Songs By Dads For Their Kids


Father's Day Spotify Playlist

New dad Jay-Z hit the studio to record a dedication song to his new baby girl, Blue Ivy. Hearing the baby cry on the track made it all the more adorable. Over the years a number of daddy musicians have expressed heartfelt feelings about their kids on wax. Everyone from Bruce Springsteen to Eminem to most recently Nas. Here at VH1 we believe dads are worthy of appreciation every day of the year. However, this Sunday is the official day we celebrate the awesome dads in our lives. Hearing male artists gush over their children in a song makes our hearts melt. Enjoy the Spotify playlist of our all-time favorite songs by fathers dedicated to their children.

1. “Daughters”- Nas
Nas gets real about the difficulties of raising a teenage daughter in this soulful ode to his daughter Destiny who makes a cameo at the end of the video.

2. “Glory”- Jay-Z
Shortly after having his first child with wife Beyonce, Jay serenaded BI with lines like, “You’re a child of destiny/You’re the child of my destiny/You’re my child with the child from Destiny’s Child.”

3. “Gracie”- Ben Folds
Anytime Gracie feels down she can listen and zone out to her dad’s voice over some of the most lovely piano keys we’ve heard in a song.

4.“Pony Boy”- Bruce Springsteen
Not your typical father son song, but hey, it’s Bruce Springsteen and he can sing “giddy up giddy up” if he wants to.

5. “Small Bump” -Ed Sheeran
Our YOK artist sings proudly to the “small bump” that is his unborn child. He smoothly belts out the tunes referencing being gentle with the new life that he’s helped bring to the world.

6. “Butterfly Kisses” -Bob Carlisle
The children playing on the playground in the beginning of this ode to his daughter is almost as perfect as the harmony of the song.

7. “Flowers for Zoe”- Lenny Kravitz
What little girl doesn’t want flowers? Having your dad sing about them to you in an entire song that you can listen to whenever you want is even better.

8.”Sail to the Moon”- Radiohead
The best part of this song is obviously the loving adoration for Radiohead’s kid. But coming in second place is the shade he throws presidencies, “Maybe you’ll be president, but know right from wrong.” Right on Radiohead.

9. “With Arms Wide Open”-Creed
It’s nice to hear rock bands venture outside of the rockstar party anthems they rock out to. When Scott Stapp found out he’d be a father he couldn’t resist from writing this song. We’re glad he didn’t.

10. “Niko’s Lullaby” – Brian McKnight
This is the Brian McKnight we remember before his most recent explorations of, let’s just say, adult content. Niko is one of McKnight’s sons. Check out his harmony in this lullaby. It’s no wonder he ruled the 90s.

11. “The Day” (That You Gave Me A Son) – Babyface
It’s straight 90s nostalgia hearing Babyface pour his emotions all over a record. Although this is more of a song honoring the woman that gave him a son, it’s still beautiful that he felt so overjoyed about becoming a father.

12. “India” – Eric Benet
“I’ve got the biggest part of heaven in my life,” Benet sings about his daughter. Something every girl needs to hear.

13. “Isn’t She Lovely”- Stevie Wonder
Talk about gifted songwriting. “Isn’t She Lovely” could easily be sung with a lover in mind. But Stevie Wonder made the song for his daughter Aisha. We wonder what it’s like to have one of the greatest musicians to ever touch a mic as your dad. Probably pretty freaking awesome.

14. “Just the Two of Us”- Will Smith
Remember Smith and his young son Trey in the video? And a pregnant short haired Jada? This is too much cuteness for one video.

15. “Hailie’s Song” – Eminem
It’s no secret that Eminem loves his daughter. Spilling his feelings on a record isn’t unusual either, it’s just usually a lot more aggressive. “I love my daughter more than life itself” pretty much sums up “Hailie’s Song.”

16. “Prayer For You” – Usher
Fatherhood was such an exciting time for Urrrrsherrrrr. In this beautiful prayer for his son the baby opens up the song with baby talk. The soulful R&B Usher is the truth!

17. “Like Father Like Son” – The Game ft. Busta Rhymes
Even with tattoos on his face The Game has a soft spot for his son. Busta Rhymes joins him on this track where he reminisces about the birth of his son.

18. “It’s A Boy”- Slick Rick
Slick Rick may be better known for his eye patch and big jewelry, but he was able to use his unique style to make a song about his son sound cool.

19. “Joy”- Blackstar
Talib Kweli and Mos Def team up for a oldies sound where they rap about the joy of fatherhood.

20. “Life”- Royce Da 5’9 ft. Amerie
Royce Da 5’9 has a conversation (in a rap of course) with his son where he warns him, “The realities of life are harsh.” Don’t sleep on how nice Royce Da 5’9 is on the mic.

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