Shearer’s Spotlight: Madonna’s Top 10 Titillating Moments


Madonna's Top 10 Titillating Moments

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Every time Madonna releases a new album and subsequently tours in support of it, the following is sure to happen:

Somewhere in the world, a Madonna video is banned; a political/religious statement made by Madonna is denounced by a political/religious organization; Madonna’s age and/or overly fit arms are critiqued by a blogger who was still in grade school when Ray Of Light was released; and Madonna’s breasts will cause some type of uproar.

In honor of the latter, here are the Top 10 moments when Madonna’s boobs made news:

10. Desperately Seeking Susan (1985)
Just because the film was tamed down to cater towards Madonna’s teenage fan-base doesn’t mean the kids weren’t given a glimpse of Madonna’s soon-to-be-headline-grabbing breasts. While eating cheese curls on the pool-deck, Madonna wears a see-through bra.

9. Body Of Evidence (1993)
Madonna’s breasts star in this erotic rip-off of Basic Instinct as fans uneasily watch their favorite pop-star pour candle wax on William Dafoe’s nether regions.

8. Golden Globe Awards (1997)
As Madonna approaches the podium after winning the Golden Globe for Best Actress, fans aren’t thinking about how she has overcome past cinematic missteps, but are more interested to see if her boobs will fall out of that tight black dress with very little cup room.

7. Penthouse and Playboy (1985)
Both magazines publish nude photos of Madonna, ones that she posed for in the late ‘70s to make ends meet. Though she apparently only received $25 for the amateur shoot, the photos later sell for over $100,000.

6. Rock The Vote (1990)
Sexily draped in an American flag for an MTV voting campaign, Madonna snaps and sings, “Freedom of speech is as good as sex.” Because of past episodes, fans’ eyelines are set to Madonna’s chest region, as the mere threat of Madonna exposing her boobs has now become newsworthy.

5. Truth Or Dare (1991)
Madonna’s naked breasts do make a cameo in this film, but because it’s a tour documentary, her reveal is more practical—since her live show has several wardrobe changes—than sensual. Madonna does stir up controversy, however, when Toronto’s finest threaten to arrest her if she simulates masturbation during her performance of “Like A Virgin.”

4. “Bad Girl” (1993)
The cover of Erotica’s third single, “Bad Girl,” features an image of Madonna laying in bed with a cigarette dangling from her lips, while she cups her left boob. When the entire image is later released—not just the cropped square used for the CD-single—fans realize that Madonna wasn’t covering up at all.

3. MDNA World Tour (2012)
At a recent show in Turkey, Madonna tugs on her lace bra during “Human Nature” and reveals her right breast to the audience. At 53-years old, the Queen of Pop’s boobs still manage to cause a media uproar.

2. Sex (1992)
Madonna’s boobs—and every other part of her body—make headlines upon the release of her nude photo book, which certain members of the media describe as pornography, while Madonna’s camp claims it’s fine art. This is the first time Vanilla Ice—who is featured in the book pressing up against Madonna’s naked backside while nibbling on her ear—is part of a project that’s considered “art.”

1. Blond Ambition World Tour (1990)
Madonna outrages/entertains many when she dawns her infamous Jean-Paul Gaultier cone-shaped brassiere while performing “Express Yourself” on the Blond Ambition Tour. Her boobs go down in music history for having a contraption just as famous as Elvis’ jumpsuit, Buddy Holly’s black-rimmed glasses, or Michael Jackson’s sequin glove.

[Photo Credits: Getty Images, Playboy, Warner Bros.]

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