Peter Rosenberg Doesn’t Think Lil Wayne Can Give Him Lessons On Respecting Women Given His Track Record


Peter Rosenberg Responds to Wayne's Reason For Pulling Nicki from Summer Jam

Weezy recently broke his silence on his executive decision to yank Nicki Minaj from the Summer Jam lineup. He told MTV, “females deserve the ultimate respect at all times no matter, when or where or how.” Hmmmm. Is that the same type of respect Weezy shows when rapping about all his “b*thces” and “h*s?” The irony! Hot 97’s DJ Peter Rosenberg, who is the man responsible for all of the pre and post Summer Jam drama, responded to Wayne’s tirade about respecting females. And Rosenberg basically takes the head guy of YMCMB to task on perhaps practicing what he’s preaching.

On air, Rosenberg challenged Wayne’s rhetoric by posing the questions: is it disrespectful to critique a woman’s song and is Wayne saying that a professional woman is too delicate to handle criticism? “Who knows what Wayne means. Maybe I should just go ahead and follow his lead when it comes to women,” the radio DJ said before launching into clips of Wayne’s music that has quite a few expletives and derogatory terms for women. “I don’t know if Weezy F should be giving me lessons on respect for women. Weezy F, the F doesn’t stand for feminism,” he said. But Rosenberg doesn’t stop there. He wants the final word on respect for women from the woman at the center of it all–Nickster. “Nicki Minaj, she understands respect for women,” he said sarcastically before playing the rapper’s song “Stupid Hoe.”

It ends with an invitation for Young Money to stop by Hot 97, which we don’t foresee happening. But crazier things have happened in this crazy matrix of hip-hop. Rosenberg does have a point. How ironic is it that respect for women is a must when it comes to Nicki, but neither artist represent that in their lyrics? Pot meet kettle, that’s all we’re going to say. What do you think? Is Wayne being a hypocrite?

Video: Rosenberg Responds to Wayne’s Summer Jam Explanation []

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