Lebron James Celebrates Championship Win By Rapping With LMFAO


Things you don’t expect to see: Lebron James partying and rapping with LMFAO. Well, that’s exactly what happened last night after the Miami Heat won the NBA Championship game against OKC. Sidebar: now that Lebron has a ring we wonder what will happen to all those “Lebron doesn’t even have a ring, so he’s not that great” memes. To celebrate their new championship title the Heat headed to club LIV for spirits and libations. On one end of the stage was electropop group LMFAO. On the other end was James, Dwyane Wade and other teammates. When the DJ puts on 2 Chainz “Riot” LMFAO starts rapping and so does James.

Did that really happen? LMFAO and Lebron James rapping together is not exactly what we’d expect after the team’s win, which James said was the happiest day of his life. As one YouTube commenter so eloquently put it, “They couldn’t find something better to do?” Not that we mind seeing James rap along to 2 Chaiiiiiinzzzzz, but rapping along with LMFAO is just awkward. Next thing you know he’ll collaborate with the group on a song, and it will be the same four words rapped over and over agian: “I got a ring” and LMFAO will dance in all their skinny jean glory.

Lebron James Parties And Raps With LMFAO

[Photo: Getty Images

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