Let’s Get Ready To Rumble: Wayne Coyne Says He Knew Erykah Badu Was An ‘Unpredictable Freak’


Coyne Says He Knew Erykah Badu Was An Unpredictable Freak

Upsetting Erykah Badu, again, must be the furthest thing from Wayne Coyne’s mind. In an interview with Rolling Stone he had a few choice words about the feud between him and Badu that played out quite interestingly on Twitter. If you don’t dabble in the world of social media here’s a brief recap: Badu and The Flaming Lips teamed up for a remake of Roberta Flack’s “The First Time Ever I Saw Your Face.” Coyne directed the video, which featured Badu, her sister, nudity, glitter and some thick (questionable) substances. Badu initially seemed excited until the video received backlash and criticism for its content. E. Badu took to Twitter to slam Coyne for allegedly releasing the video prematurely and eventually released an official statement telling Coyne to “kiss her glittery a–.”

Things got pretty ugly on Twitter between the two artists, but all was forgotten in a couple of days. Coyne’s latest interview may have reopened the can of warms if Badu feels some kind of way about his comments. “Believe me, I was warned and knew that she was an unpredictable freak,” said Coyne. On a lighter not he says a lot of the back and forth was all in good fun. “A lot of the Erykah Badu audience does not know or give a s— or will ever care about the Flaming Lips. That’s the side of it that she fights for,” he explains. “I didn’t take it serious. I took it as, she’s being controversial. A lot of the things that were said I thought were just fun, and it was fun to play along with. That’s the beauty of Twitter.”

If their kerfuffle was the beauty of Twitter we’d hate to see the ugly. Now that the video is almost deleted from the web completely, what will happen with the song? Will edits be made to the video they shot and re-released with Badu’s approval? The usually zenned out free spirit that is Badu tends to stay away from industry drama, and we’re sure she’s willing to forgive Coyne unless she takes offense at being called an “unpredictable freak.” Just remember, “sticks and stones may break my bones…”, wait, words do actually hurt. Whoever came up with that little song lied!

Wayne Coyne on Erykah Badu: ‘I Knew She Was an Unpredictable Freak’ [RollingStone.com]

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