Honoring The King Of Pop, Always And Forever, On Three Year Death Anniversary


MJ Three Year Death Anniversary

Long live the King of Pop. Today marks three years since the legendary, incomparable Michael Jackson passed away leaving the world to mourn his death. Everyday we miss the greatest to ever do music. He isn’t called the King for no reason. MJ has sold over 750 million records according to some reports. His 1982 Thriller album is the best-selling album of all time. His accomplishments are too numerous to list, and his influence too great to measure. MJ was single handedly responsible for integrating MTV. The little boy from Gary, Indiana that began singing with his brothers in The Jackson 5 turned out to be Michael Jackson who has changed music forever. Although it’s impossible to name all of our favorites because he has so many great ones, enjoy the five we picked.

5. “The Way You Make Me Feel”
Michael Jackson didn’t just make music videos. He was the King of creating short cinema. In “The Way You Make Me Feel” MJ attempts to woo his crush through his signature dance moves. Only the King of Pop could make the dark alleys with lurking street walkers look totally safe and exhilarating.

4. “Scream” ft. Janet Jackson
A brother and sister collaboration as dynamic as MJ and Janet is rare. Both were top notch entertainers and dancers, so when they joined forces for “Scream” it was like watching two indescribable talents take over the television screen. Our favorite part of the black and white futuristic video is the 3:18 minute mark where the duo slide on the floor for the intro to their choreography. This video just gave us life for the entire day!

3. “Billie Jean”
Michael loved the element of suspense. It was his chance to sing, dance and act in a short time frame. A young MJ is sharp in his leather pants paired with white patent leather dress shoes. We could literally watch him dance all day.

2. “Bad”
Raise your hand if you tried to learn all the choreography to “Bad?” Don’t worry, our hands are raised too. It’s hands down one of the best choreographed videos of all time. If the over 51 million YouTube videos is any indication, we’ll say this will continue to be one of the many examples of Michael’s legacy.

1. “Thriller”
Thirteen minutes of pure heaven. And nostalgia. This video was a bit scary for children in the 80s, but that didn’t stop it from being watched. “Thriller” is one of the reasons MJ’s crown as the King is understood and acknowledged globally. What starts out as a quiet night with a girl ends up as Michael transforming into a werewolf, but all while maintaining his dance moves that will live on for hundreds of years to come.

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