Willow Smith Is Comfortable In Her Own Skin In “I Am Me”


It’d be a lie if we said the opening of Willow Smith’s “I Am Me” didn’t sound like Rihanna. Within seconds it’s blatantly obvious it’s not Riri because Willow has her own sound, but the similarity in sound is there, even if only for a moment. New York City is a perfect place for a video titled “I Am Me” because it’s a place where individuality is celebrated. In the middle of Washington Square Park Willow sports blue jeans and an oversized shirt toting her keyboard and skateboard. And the whole point is she just doesn’t care what anyone has to think, whether it’s about her clothes or her shaved head.

She sings, “Your validation is just not that important to me.” Willow Smith, at 11-years-old, could possibly teach us all something about self-esteem. At various spots in New York City, mainly on the streets, Willow is preaching singing the good word about being free, and real, and just being yourself. Unlike “Whip My Hair” this song takes a more serious, message driven tone. Not wanting to come off as what some may peg as being preachy, Willow proves the very thing we love about her– she’s a kid. The instrumentation still plays as Willow says, “This is real facts that will help you move along.” She laughs before she can even finish her sentence. Her final words to everyone watching, “YOLO.” That’s right, Willow. You only live once. Keep being you.

Willow Smith "I Am Me" video

Watch Willow Smith Find Inner Peace in ‘I Am Me’ Video

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