The Internet Wants To Send Pitbull To Alaska

by (@zaragolden)

As a promotional stunt, Pitbull plans to visit whichever Walmart store can accumulate the most “likes” on Facebook before July 15th. in order to “share the experience of using Energy Sheets with my fans.” Pitbull was probably envisioning a quick trip to some superstore in a populated place like Dallas or Southern Florida, somewhere he could “share the experience of using Energy Sheets with my fans” and then be back on his Mr. World Order way. But a writer for the Boston Pheonix and the humor website, has a better idea: why not jam the system and send the sun-bred, Miami boy and his energy strips to a land most forbidden? Or at least most far off.

Using the hashtag #ExilePitbull to rally the troops, troublemaker David Thorpe has earned some 45,000 ‘likes’ for the store in frozen Kodiak, Alaska, some 5,000 miles and many climate zones away from Pitbull’s Miami. A chilly bon voyage it may be!

What does Mr. World Order have to look forward to in Kodiak? The island was once the capital of Russian Alaska; and in addition to its human population of 6,130, it is home to otters, elk, salmon and the unique Kodiak Bear. And if he is there at the right time of the year, he might join in the Kodia Crab Festival festivities, enjoying the carnival rides or participating in the mountain run. And as for the store, as Gawker points out, it is only about half the size of a normal store, but it carries all sorts of things that Pitbull has probably never even considered, like bear repellant and snow shoes. He might even consider this a learning experience.

For now, Pitbull seems sport for the game. “I hear there’s bear repellant at Kodiak, Alaska,” he tweeted, adding via email that, “Wherever the fans want to have a party, I will be there.” #ExilePitbull

Humor Writer Rallies Internet to Send Pitbull to Alaska [RS]

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