Kanye West Tries On His “New God Flow”

by (@zaragolden)

Just a day after he debuted his verse a capella at the BET awards, Kanye has graced us with the full “New God Flow” track. The song builds a sample of Ghostface Killah‘s “Mighty Healthy” to a piano-driven beat that is about as spare as the one Ye banged out on the BET stage with his foot. It’s patient, too, providing plenty enough space within for West and his guest Pusha T to stack their boasts high while dreaming of piles higher. For these two, G.O.O.D.’s not enough — they want that new god flow. The track is available for full stream or download on West’s website.A fired-up Pusha goes first. “I believe there’s a God above me,” Pusha begins, before really digging in: “I’m just the God of everything else. I put holes in everything else, new God flow, f**** everything else.” From there, he revels his dope dealing past, his H.A.M. trips to Ibiza, and his dreams of going bigger yet. “Well, if you goin’ coupe, I’m goin’ four-door,” he spits.

Kanye takes the extended third verse to align himself with giants hated, celebrated, and passed; giants like Lebron James, Michael “Jumpman” Jordan, Biggie Smalls, Dr. King, Rodney King, the late Whitney Houston. There’s someone bigger yet, though, he’s got his eye on. “Did Moses not part the water with the cane? Did strippers not make an arc when I made it rain?” he asks rhetorically, recasting himself as the big man. To close, he leads himself in classically Kanye military-cadence chant about his fresh hoes and fresher clothes.

Kanye has been spinning divine threads sinceĀ  “Jesus Walks,” and at last the robe at last fits and so it’s a kingdom he’s eying. At the song’s close, Kanye leads himself in a military-cadenced chant wherein he reminds himself to make sure his subjects are at least well dressed: “I’m way fresher than all my foes, Somebody please pick out they clothes.” He’s still got priorities.

The track will likely appear alongside “Mercy” on G.O.O.D. Music’s Cruel Summer compilation, which is due out August 7th.

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