Groove To Nelly Furtado’s “The Spirit Indestructible”


The Indesctructible Spirit by nelly furtado

In her first single from her forthcoming album The Spirit Indestructible, Nelly Furtado sang an ode to her big hoop earrings, and of course she thinks the bigger the better. The second single, “The Spirit Indestructible,”  also has that uptempo vibe that made us snap our fingers. Frankly, “Big Hoops (Bigger The Better)” and the latest single sound mighty similar. We’re thinking that has something to do with its producer Rodney “Darkchild” Jerkins who worked on both tracks. Initially she sings slowly before the chaotic fast paced beat drops making it a house party jam.

Titled “The Spirit Indestructible” one would expect the lyrics to be much more audible or dominant. Instead it becomes a dance track where the listener tunes out the lyrics only moving to the beat. She sings, “From my one square foot window I see outside I’ve got chains on my feet but not in my mind/I’ll be dancing all day see the sun outside/Don’t know how long it will be can’t stop me/I have a spirit indestructible.” It’s great to see Furtado back with a spirit that cannot be broken. It feels like it’s is missing the Nelly Furtado flavor that we love.  We’re going to let it marinate a bit.

Nelly Furtado’s “The Spirit Indestructible” []

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