Beavis & Butthead Creator Mike Judge Turns Zac Brown Into A Robo Redneck In New Music Video

by (@zaragolden)

The Zac Brown Band got a make over from the man behind Beavis & Butthead and King of the Hill for the video for “The Wind,” the first single off their upcoming album Uncaged (due out next week). The song itself is, in many ways, your typical country love song, complete with a chorus that rings of love that “will find you anywhere.” Animator Mike Judge’s treatment is decidedly less lovey-dovey and way more country fried. And for that it’s all the more awesome.

Judge’s video tells the tale of “Robo Redneck,” aka “The Six Million Dollar Honky,” aka Zac Brown, returned to life bigger and badder after a dramatic back-country trucking accident. Half-man, half-robot, Robo Redneck is like your average beer swigging, duck hunting, guitar playing robo-country star, except with bottle openers implanted into the tip of each finger and automatic weapons built into his biceps. And wait ’till you see the way he shreds, swapping guitar for guitar for a fiddle until he pops a valve. The video ends with a “To Be Continued,” teasing of a Robo Redneck versus Bionic Peckerwood sequel. Is there more to come from this Judge/Brown partnership? We can only hope!

Music Video: “Robo Redneck” by Mike Judge [CartoonBrew]

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