In Honor Of 50 Cent’s 36th Birthday: Happy Beef-day!


Happy Birthday 50 Cent! Beef-day

Go shorty, it’s your birthday, we gon’ party like it’s your birthday. Not only did 50 Cent drop 5 (Murder By Numbers) for free today, it’s the Queens rapper’s 36th birthday. Nine years ago he rose to massive fame with his debut album Get Rich or Die Tryin’ at the age of 27. Along with his crazy story of being shot nine times and his distinctive flow from having his jaw wired shut, 50’s success was also partly due to his ongoing beef with Ja Rule that ultimately ended Ja’s very popular career. Fifty’s war with the Murder Inc. rapper eventually simmered out, but 50 saw an opportunity in beef with his peers–if he was constantly dissing others on wax then he’d remain relevant because people would be listening. Thus began 50’s countless diss records and feuds. It’s only right that we celebrate his birthday by highlighting the top 10 beefs of his career. Happy Beef-day, Fiddy!

10. Dissing Puffy is so not gangsta

It doesn’t matter to 50 who you are. If he wants to come for your neck, he will. He attacked Puffy in a song called “Hip-Hop” accusing him of knowing who killed Notorious B.I.G. “Who shot Biggie Smalls if we don’t get them they gonna kill us all man/Puffy no who hit that n— man that n— soft/he’s scared them boys from the west side will brake him off/jump on his a– so he run?” Diss records aren’t really Puff’s thing. He’s all about the money. The two appeared on TRL to squash everything, but it 50 was back at shortly after calling Puff’s music “wack.”

9. A kiss that sparked 50’s shade

On “Part Time Lover” 50 goes after Lil Wayne for the infamous kiss he and Birdman shared on the lips.  It’s more than your body, baby, damn it’s your brain/You make me wanna kiss you like Baby kiss Wayne/And make you call me daddy like Baby do Wayne/Damn that s— sounds gay, it’s insane.”

8. If you even look like you’re cool with 50’s enemy, you become an enemy by association

There should be some kind of rule to dissing legendary emcees. But that’d be no fun, and we’re sure 50 wouldn’t abide by those rules anyway. In “Piggy Bank” 50 disses Fat Joe rapping, “Got a hundred guns, a hundred clips, why I don’t hear no shots/That fat n— thought Lean Back was “In Da Club”/My s— sold 11 mill, his s— was a dud.” In the same song he raps,”Jada don’t f— with me if you wanna eat/Cause I’ll do your lil a– like Jay did Mobb Deep/Yeah homie, in New York, n—– like your vocals/But thats only New York dawg, your a– is local.” Of Nas he raps, “Kelis said her milkshake brings all the boys to the yard/Then Nas went and tattooed the b— on his arm.”

7. Forget throwing shots on a song, release a private phone conversation of your former artist crying

G-Unit slowly crumbled after the departure of Game; and eventually Young Buck was thrown out of the group not long after. Whatever went down 50 felt the best thing to do was humiliate YB by releasing a private phone call between himself and an obviously emotional YB. As if that wasn’t enough humiliation, 50 takes on both his former homies in “Strong Enough,” “It was five of us, ALL of us millionaires/Now one’s a f— junkie, and one’s a f— queer.”

Young Buck vs. 50

6. If you want well known rappers to recognize you as a newbie, rap about robbing them

“How To Rob” is where it all began. Before catching Eminem’s ear or signing to Interscope it was this song he would use to catch the attention of music industry insiders. I hit the studios take n—- jewels and leave/Catch Rae, Ghost and RZA for them funny a– rings/Tell Sticky gimme the cash before I empty three/Ill beat your a– like that white boy on MTV.” No one was exempt from R&B singers to rappers. Everyone from Puffy to Brian McKnight to Will Smith were named as potential opponents he’d metaphorically rob. While some brushed it off, others didn’t take too kindly to being mentioned in his record. The Wu-Tang Clan responded in “Ghost Deini” and Jay-Z responded in “It’s Hot (Some Like It Hot)” with his infamous “I’m about a dollar, what the f— is a 50 cent?” Classic line, Jay. But for all intents and purposes, “How to Rob” served its purpose. It got folks talking.

5. The two kings of diss records duke it out on wax

Cam’ron, no stranger to rap beef himself, was dissed on 50’s “Funeral Music” with the line, “Career ending, mind bending, Southside ya finished/Now look n— laughing at Cam down on Lennox/They heard what he did but they don’t know why he did it/I have eighty of them boys with black flags, come through with black mags/And have you n— zipped up in black bags.” Cam responded with “Curtis,” which has to be one of the funniest beef songs ever made. The chorus alone is hysterical. “Curtis! (Rewind it DJ)/Curtis! (You ain’t 50, 50 Cent from B.K.)/Curtis! (Yep, he deserve to be nervous)/Curtis! (Damn, show some courtesy Curtis),” always makes us giggle. To call someone out for stealing someone else’s identity is totally something 50 would do.

4. When friends become foes

When the The Game left G-Unit all hell broke loose when he unleashed the popular catchphrase “G-unot” at Summer Jam. This beef is almost as meaty as the one that carried on way too long between 50 and Ja Rule. So many diss records, mixtapes, mocking photos and radio appearances between Game and 50’s camp were exchanged we could only pick one line from 50’s “So Disrespectful” record to sum up this beef. “I gave Game hits and told me to suck d—/Start screamin’ Westside and Dre ain’t say s—/Now we just eat off him, and when I talk to Em/A smile comes on his face, he told me here’s the case/Enemies stay enemies but friends they change/N—- go crazy over money my mayne.”

3. Don’t bring up a rapper’s lady

One thing you don’t do in a rap war is come for the mother of a rapper’s kids. But it happens all the time. This may be the one flame 50 didn’t ignite, instead Rick Ross rapped in “Mafia Music, “We steppin’ on ya crew until you motherf—- crush/And make da sweet love to every women that you lust/I love to pay her bills can’t wait to pay her rent/Curtis Jackson baby mama I ain’t askin’ for a cent.”  Ross released “Officer Ricky (Go Head, Try Me)” rapping, “Listen Officer Ross tell you straight suck a d—/ try and come subliminal/’cause your a– the police my n— is criminals.”

2. You wanna rumble with the Queen of talk shows, huh?

Not many go after Mother Oprah, except of course 50. He took her strong opposition against using the n-word personal and called her out for only making television programming for “white women as old as his grandmother.” He was so ticked with Oprah that he named his dog after her. The two hashed out their six year feud on O’s Next Chapter where she took the high road about the dog being named after her. Woof, woof to buried beef!

1.  The beginning and the end

This had to be one of the longest beefs of all time. For a detailed history of the beef between Ja Rule and 50 check out NY magazine‘s article detailing where it all begain in 2000. This battle may have been bad for the losing party, but it made for some great music. One of the most popular records from this Ja vs. 50 period was “Hail Mary” where 50 raps, “Lil’ n—- named Ja think he live like me/Talkin’ about he left the hospital took nine like me/You livin’ fantasies n—, I been checkin’ deposit/When your lil’ sweet a– gon’ come out of the closet?” Death to that overcooked beef!

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