Kanye West Will Drop A Solo Album After Cruel Summer

by (@zaragolden)

Looks like it’s going to be a Cruel Summer, and then straight back to work for Kanye West! Speaking with MTV News, Def Jam VP and long time Kanye collaborator No I.D. let slip that he has been working with Kanye on a new solo project that is slated to follow-up the G.O.O.D. crew project. “It’s what you expect and everything you don’t expect,” he teased, reminding also that Kanye “hasn’t missed yet.” Besides greatness, though, what exactly do we expect?

Of course, every breathe Kanye starts a rumor. Based on a few of the things we know, and a few of the things we have heard, a few things you might considered when deciding what to expect of this sixth studio album:

  • Word has it that Kanye has “become obsessed with roars, barks and jungle noises,” and that his next “ingenious plan”  is to make an album entirely of animal noises.
  • Yeezy’s “New God Flow” sounds good on him, and the Jesus yarn is one he’s been spinning since the very beginning. Maybe he could make an entire album out of sermons and hymns? I”Welcome to Sunday service if you hope to someday serve us…”
  • Kanye’s collective, DONDA, is beginning to show itself, first with that seven-screen experience come to fruition and now they have proven themselves capable graphic designers with the new 2Chainz new album cover. And so while DONDA’s mission remains mostly a mystery still, we can at least assume that they do a pretty good job at accomplishing the things they put their mind to.
  • Kanye was dabbling with fashion when he first when to work on My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy, but even songs like “Christian Dior Denim Flow” seemed to be more about fashion models than the fashions they were modeling. Things between Kanye and clothes have heated up since then, and we’ve seen Kanye seated front row and on the runway. He as even been credited with jazzing up his new girl Kim Kardashian’s look. His world newly informed by fabric, we might expect runaways to become runways and maybe where Chris Rock would have dropped in for a skit, Ms. Wintour will make a cameo.
  • Kim and Kanye were spotted chatting with Scary Spice Melanie Brown. Sure this is a stretch, but the Spice Girls seem to be back in bussiness, and just imagine the possibility there! Kanye has surprised in the past this way, working successfully with unlikely collaborators like Bon Iver and Daft Punk. And remember, like No I.D. says, “expect everything you don’t expect.”

Kanye West’s 6th Album Arrives After Cruel Summer [RapFix]


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