Aerosmith Do It Again In “Legendary Child”

by (@zaragolden)

“This is the story of America’s greatest rock band,” thus introduces the narrator in the opening of the video for “Legendary Child,” the first single from Aerosmith‘s upcoming Music From Another Dimension. The story is of drug addiction, shady managers and bad sushi overcome. And it’s a story best told by girls on roller skates because, so says the narrator, “How f****ing cool is that?”

Especially cool, we have to imagine, for a bunch of boys from Boston that have been doing this for more than four decades! Their first video in eight years finds the band performing in a giant warehouse while a young, roller skating heroine is cast out against their many travails. She expertly evades the men in black (shady managers?) and a ribbon dancer (drug addiction?) before working her way through a factory piled with mattresses (the music industry?), all while holding close a tiny coffin-like container. The video closes with a “to be continued,” suggesting both a second video installment and a future for the band.

We would sort of like to see the old boys from Boston try on the skates themselves. But no surprise, our legendary roller-derby child is played by a pretty, young woman. With this, Spy KidsAlexa Vega joins the prestigious ranks of the Aerosmith video girls past like Alicia Silverstone and Liv Tyler (“Crazy”), Mila Kunis (“Jaded”)Eva Mendes (“Hole In My Sole”), Jessica Biel (“Fly Away From Here”), and Jaime Pressley (“Girls of Summer”). Looks like they’ve still have one addiction to kick.

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