Britney Spears Gets Mean In New The X Factor Promo

by (@zaragolden)

Based on this new promo, The X Factor will not be all fun and games and Vanilla Ice for Britney Spears. This first footage of Britney at the judges’ table finds Britney shooting down contestants, one after another after another. “Very predictable,” she tells one. “Bad to the bone,” the next. And then, one hand in the air, she snarls devastatingly, “You can’t destroy that song, sweetie.” Look out, Simon Cowell! Brit, apparently, has got a prerogative.This bodes well for this season’s The X Factor. It’s refreshing to see Brit showing signs of independent life after years and years of being puppet mastered by her team. Having been in the spotlight since she was just a wee Mouseketeer, she’s had lot’s of practice delivering prepared lines and canned tears. And save for a few mental breaks — that night in the gas station, the shaved head — she’s proven really good at staying on cue. Maybe too good at staying on cue. We feared that her mind had atrophied after years so many years of scripted appearances and interviews; that L.A. Reid would have to slip her notes to read from, and that Demi Lovato would have to nudge her under the table to speak. She’s got both opinions and a mind to air them. Good old Brit can hold her own, and by the looks of it, she has fun doing so.

Britney Spears’s X Factor Ad Features Britney Saying Actual Negative Things [Vulture]

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